Learning to Ride a Bike

Is there a first time for everything?

Eminem has that famous song in the ghetto where I grew up in. No, didn't grow up with him, but did grow up with crackers, Mexicans, and others.

Was playing b-ball like Will Smith in Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

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Learning to Ride a Horse

What is a Ghetto?

Some people define it as a poor neighborhood with small, old, broken, houses, trailers, apartments, sheds, forts, boxes, or whatever people may live in. But others define ghetto to mean specifically, more so, a place where minorities live in or around. I grew up in a trailer park where white people become the minority.

Planet of the Minorities?

Globally, white people are going extinct, especially in South Africa, first, and then also Europe, and later in America, if globalists continue to genocide and Agenda 2030 us all to Hell. Really? Planet of the Apes or minorities?

Eminem | Ghetto Surfing

I wanna ride your bicycle, I wanna ride your bike. Funny music video. Like Solomon said, there is a time for this and a time for that. There is a first time for almost everything it would seem.

Here is one of my first times on a bicycle.

Love The Color Blue

See me on that blue bicycle of mine? There is my older sister. Who is that other girl? She lived across the street from us. I wanna say Tina but am not sure. Oh, her name is Katrina.

Loved the Blue Ranger and had a Blue Bike.

Kathy Stole My Bike?

Her sister was Kathy. No, not the Vietnamese Kathy that stole my bike in 2013. This photo, here, is from 1991, December 31, the last day of that year, and about 40 days before my seventh birthday.

I was learning how to ride my bike when I was six.

As seen in this photo of me, Katie, and Katrina, in 1991.

Take the first step.

Learning to Ride a Bike

By Joey Arnold

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Learning to Ride a Horse

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