The Big Pharma Scamsters And Their Enablers, All Part Of The Maskerade

The Big Pharma Scamsters And Their Enablers, All Part Of The Maskerade

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Intro vid: Gates of Hell - MESUS:

CDC study shows 74% of people infected in Massachusetts Covid outbreak were fully vaccinated:

More Insanity: Goofy Surgeon General Vivek Murthy Says Vaccinated People Need to Wear Masks to Protect Unvaccinated People:

Fauci rejects idea that wearing or not wearing face mask is a matter of personal liberty: 'I disagree':

Horowitz: 6 times the media credited masks with stopping a pandemic that then spread even more:

1.6 Billion Disposable Masks Wound Up in the Ocean in 2020 and Will Take 450 Years to Biodegrade:

Chuck Schumer Says Climate Crisis Will Be Worse Than COVID Unless Dems Pass Infrastructure Bill (VIDEO):

Doses of vaccines for US children from birth to 6 years:

Video: President of Mexico speaks out against Big Pharma:

Alberta downgrades China Virus to common flu status, quarantines no longer mandatory:

Long Covid May Qualify as Disability, Biden Administration Says:

What we know about the Delta variant:

CDC Busted - guy trying to find out if he can get tested for the Delta variant:

"People are being diagnosed with delta variant" even though "there is no delta variant test.":

Treasury Dept to invoke ‘extraordinary measures’ as Congress misses debt-ceiling deadline:

There’s an unemployment cliff coming. More than 7.5 million may fall off:

A historic eviction crisis could be coming to the U.S. in days, this housing expert warns:

New pig law could cut off nearly all of California's pork supply, bacon prices would skyrocket:

German law allowing institutional funds to hold crypto comes into effect Aug. 2:

New Infrastructure Bill Looks to Raise $30B Through Crypto Taxes:

EU to tighten regulations on bitcoin transfers:

Jake Chervinsky long letter on Twitter explaining the US infrastructure bill: https://tw

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