Being Satisfied in Life brings Joy

We humans are always wanting more and more of everything. We can never settle with what we have. We set milestones, once we achieve that, then we feel it is not enough and we shift our goal post. The greed is ever going, for a very few the end point comes, else for the majority the end point keeps extending. The comparison with what we have or we have achieved against others keep going on.

But I have seen that satisfied and contended people are the happiest people in life. They are clear about their goals, once they achieve, they know where to stop and enjoy the victory. Most of the time it happens that in the pursuit of more and more we do not enjoy what we have already achieved or what we already have. It is good to be ambitious but taking a pause is also equally important. With contentment and satisfaction comes peace in life.

People also associate such people who are contended in life to be laid back people, but I personally believe that it is good to slow down. Name, Fame, Wealth, all is good, but what is it worth when one does not have peace of mind, when one does not know how to enjoy that what is achieved. Being unsatisfied and uncontended is also associated with greed. The greed for more and more. The major problems of the world start here. The Greed of Power, Wealth, Status, Position. But the same people forget that everyone dies one day and all that they have kept running for all their life is left behind. And such people pass off with heavy souls with a whole lot of burden. I wonder, if in the astral world they are able to find their peace.


Scientifically it is proven that contended minds are more positive minds, they are free from the feelings of Jealousy, hatred, cutting competitions. They live a much stable life compared to the ones who is always unsatisfied. I have a friend who is always complaining about life, whenever I talk to him, he is always cribbing about something, and always comparing his life with others who are above him. I only tell him one thing, start comparing your life with the ones below you, who are much more in number than the ones above you and you will realize how lucky you are to have the life you are living. But you know it is difficult to change such people, the feeling of discontentment is so high in them, that no matter whatever they get in life they will always find a reason to complain, because it has become their basic nature. I will not say, such people cannot change, but yes, it is a challenge in itself.

One can easily make out people who are satisfied in their lives, because their energy is always very soothing. They will always appreciate others, they will see good in almost everything, and it is going to be other way for unsatisfied people. Our whole life is a matter of choice. The Universe has designed the life in such a way, that we will always have choices to make, one that will liberate us, and the other one that will bind us. One that will give us freedom and other one that will keep us chained. It is we who make choices and bring conclusions to our life.

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