Why @bellastella could be "smart" bullying. I have to say something.

At SteemFest I talked to one of the @bellastella people, you @twinner

When we talked you said that @stellabelle is going on the nerves of many of you.

I felt it immediately that something could be fishy. Before all the pictures were taken with the puppet. I thought that this could be a smart attempt to bully stellabelle because after the pics were taken without the people knowing that mean thoughts are behind it, it is difficult for the people on the photos to admid that they made a mistake and did not know about the bad intention.

Now I read that the name bellastella was invented before the author knew stellabelle and that it has nothing to do with her.

I am writing this because otherwise I would feel wrong to say nothing. I already should have said something at SteemFest but I am not superman and have weaknesses.

I do not want to destroy your party. We had a good time together @twinner and you are a good man but could it be that you did something here which was a bit too much of a joke and now you intent to make it look as if this would have nothing to do with stellabelle or that she was going on the nerves of many of you? That this whole thing is planned to make fun of stellabelle but make it look as everything is coincidence?

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