COVID 19 pandemic and Biderman’s Chart of Coercion

As a neurobiologist and behavioral biologist, I am more interested in the social experiment of this COVID 19 pandemic, because this is clearly happening right now before our eyes, and less the virological danger.

In a speech on mind control, David Icke has aptly pointed out how the hard measures by our governments to get this pandemic under control are similar to the torture methods used in Biderman's chart of coercion.

Because I could not describe it more accurately and I agree in many points, I have a summary by David Icke for you for the purpose of COVID 19 measures.

"The masks are a central part of this war against the human psyche. It dehumanizes people, it makes them faceless, it prevents individual interactions based on facial expressions. The masks are a symbol for silencing people. There are many other psychological reasons for this and these are only a few. I say this because all these rules and regulations that governments enact and which are constantly being changed, supposedly make no sense, are completely contradictory. That is not the case!

This is not incompetence, not political stupidity: it is a psychological plan. That is why these rules and regulations are not driven by health experts around the world, but by psychologists - not driven by health experts, however questionable their competence may be. The woman who made masks compulsory in Britain was not a medical advisor, but a psychological advisor to the government. Now I would like to put what I am talking about here into the context of what is really happening here:

In 1956, a psychologist named Albert Bidermnn developed a diagram called Bidermans Diagram of Compulsion (1) . A framework to illustrate the methods by which armies [...] force false confessions from prisoners of war. Psychologists believe that perpetrators use these same systematic techniques in a variety of ways, including domestic violence and child abuse, to break the human spirit and human self-esteem. Therefore, human resistance is an imposition for every offender.

Biderman's chart of coercion.jpg

Here are some of the methods and I will go into them a bit more clearly after I have listed them.

Isolation. This is what social distancing is about, this is what isolation in a psychological context is about, isolation to drive people apart, to make them live alone or with a few other people without access and contact to the wider outside world.

Monopolization of perception. For this reason, people like me were banned everywhere in the mainstream. Because we question the official representations. Monopolization of perception, yes where does our perception come from? It is based on the information we receive, from which we then form our insights. Whoever controls this information controls perception and our findings. It is as simple as that. These two points already perfectly describe what is currently happening worldwide.

Exhaustion and debilitation. When one gets into anxiety and depression - and how are people supposed to avoid this under the current circumstances - after losing one's job and in constant uncertainty about what will happen next when every feeling of security and stability has been lost. When one gets into such emotional states, one becomes weakened and exhausted. The emotional exhaustion is transferred to the body, because the body actually only reflects the feelings.

Threats. Well we are threatened all the time:
wear a mask or else
keep your distance otherwise
do not meet more than a few people otherwise
Do not open your store to save your business, or else ... .

Occasional concessions. If you trample on people all the time, if you force yourself on them all the time, you give them a small insignificant reward for being so obedient. This is all part of a dog training syndrome that is being applied to all of humanity today.

Demonstrating omnipotence. We are in control and there is nothing you can do about it. Humiliation. Let's take an example: You walk around with a face diaper or a muzzle because a tie-wearing dog orders you to. All you experience is humiliation. Where is your self-respect.

Forcing trivial demands in the form of rules. Oh, my goodness. Isn't that what we've been seeing over and over for the past few months? The more trivial, ridiculous and stupid the demands you comply with, the more the human spirit, human self-respect and human dignity is destroyed.

And it is you who robs them from yourself. What remains: complicity, obedience, submission, obedience. Do you realize what they are aiming at with their lockdowns? - [they are waging their war against] everything that is fun, everything that allows people to relax, everything that allows people to interact, to have a social discourse, in bars, in restaurants, in cinemas and concerts, theaters, [...] even the gyms [take them into focus], all the places where people have fun and interact - what they call the hospitality industry. Why is the hospitality industry the most targeted? Along with the entertainment industry and indeed the health industry. And why? Because they are a central part of the psychological warfare.

While they beat you down with one hand, they block the door to freedom with the other. In doing so, you reinforce the psychological consequences of depression, the loss of any hope that life could ever be fun again. And of course sport, sport not in the sense of entertainment, but sport in the sense of children having fun playing soccer or other sports, for example. No, lock them away and forbid them to play soccer! This is fun for the children - what's the point? We want to break them!

So this is Biderman's table of compulsion. Can you recognize the pattern? There is a column called Method, then another called Effect and Purpose, and then Variations on Effect.

So let's go through a few:

Remember, Biderman's diagram of coercion shows how to break prisoners of war!
Break them in such a way that they do whatever the perpetrators want. And that is what is happening in the population now.

Isolation deprives the victim of any social support of their ability to resist, forcing the victim to confront themselves and the consequences for themselves. So this makes the victim dependent on the perpetrator. The more the tyrannical authority destroys the economy and independent livelihoods, the more the victim is made dependent on this tyrannical authority. Complete solitary confinement, complete or partial segregation, group isolation, these are some variants of the isolation methods.

In the monopolization of perception, attention is fixed on an immediate predicament. Nothing else is addressed: "Turn on the radio, turn on the television. The same everywhere, there is hardly a break, especially not in the news programs. Eliminate the information that does not conform to the catalog of rules. That's what all this censorship is about. [...] Why else would the fascists who own and run Twitter, Google, YouTube and Facebook censor all the big tech companies, the Zuckerbergs and his friends [...]. This is what they do, these fascists. That is what they are. Because they facilitate the establishment of fascism. [...] They punish independence and/or resistance. Look around you.

Furthermore, the monopolization of perception includes physical isolation. So you are excluded from any information that questions the official narrative. In this sense it is perceptual isolation. So you hear only one thing at a time. […]

Humiliation and degradation. Resistance is more tiring than yielding. This is actually the key to non-conformity. They can only force you to conform because you fear the consequences of resistance. Your fear of bare survival, humiliating punishments, insults and scorn. Denial of your privacy.

Exhaustion weakens mental and physical resistance. Threats, creation of fear and despair. There is an immense amount of extra effort for resistance, also danger. As a variant, mysterious changes of procedure occur. That is why they keep changing the crazy rules. What is going on here? What are the rules now? That is the reason why they do it! They destroy your psyche! They break your mind, so you act like a prisoner of war.

With occasional indulgence, they provide positive motivation for cooperation. This is another interesting example. They prevent you from adapting to your disempowerment. Your mind is able to adapt to a situation because it basically comes to terms with it quickly, comes to terms with it quickly. So they promise: If you do this, if we all pull together, then you may end up with this ... This is to interrupt the process of your mental adjustment to a situation so that you can briefly find hope. And as soon as you have won this hope, you will be thrown back into powerlessness again. Then you must readjust. The game starts all over again.

There are also occasional favors, rewards and promises: Oh go out and get drunk again. We'll do a second lockdown [...], but maybe you can celebrate Christmas for that. But we know that you won't. But we promise that we will do our best so that you can celebrate Christmas.

Demonstrating omnipotence signals to the prisoner the senselessness of the resistance. You are under our total control, you are in this prison cell, you prisoner, and everything that happens to you, we decide. You cannot resist, because you cannot escape anywhere. And you can't go anywhere either. And because resistance is futile, you had better submit. Do as we tell you. There's no other way, buddy.

Demonstrate full control over the victim. I have already spoken about forcing trivial demands. It is about developing a habit of obedience. When you look at a human life, it is partly a programming to the habit of obedience. So you are born and then you begin to stick to what your parents want. Then you go to school and the teacher now enforces the observance. And so you do what they tell you. And there are consequences if you do not do it. [Here Icke has forgotten the personality deforming suppression of military service, of the military in general, U.M.] And you go on, through your academic life and into adult life. And now the boss is your teacher. And if you don't do what the boss says, there will be consequences. And people surrender to authority from this reflex attitude. And then there's the government and the police and everybody telling you all the time what to do, what not to do, where not to go, what to say now and what not to say. And that is why these trivial demands are imposed on people in the form of rules. The more trivial the demand, the greater the success on obedience.

Another line from Biderman's diagram of coercion is: Make the victims dependent on the perpetrator. Eliminate information that does not match the perpetrator's message, create fear in despair. Demands are often trivial, contradictory, and unfulfillable, but provide a motivation to adapt to the demands of the perpetrator. The victim does everything possible to obtain small rewards in an effort to gain self-respect. Hey, I'm going to lock you up now, otherwise there won't be any Christmas.

Wherever you look at the techniques of individual mind control [mindcontrol, U.M.] and the annihilation of the will to resist, you can see how they are used worldwide today. And this leads to a situation in which people are made so docile that they literally have no mind of their own, no perception of their own and no opinion of their own anymore. And if they now think that what we are currently experiencing is already really bad, how will it be for our children and grandchildren? ... until the complete collapse of all individuality.

[...] People ... it is about enslavement and nothing else, about psychological programming and nothing else. Anyone who agrees and doesn't say: "I don't do that" is helping to build up this fascist state or at least makes his contribution to it, in which he and his children will have to live.

I cannot think of many other definitions of insanity. It is time to wake up to understand the reality we are dealing with. One of the biggest problems that people have - and I understand this - is a refusal to acknowledge the extent of the sheer evil that is behind it all...because they have never personally experienced this evil...and they [the governments, U.M.] are damned evil and many don't even realize that they are. But because they haven't experienced it in their own lives, you can't believe it exists. But it does exist.

And we stand up collectively now and say "NO".

Or ... the consequences for us, but even more for our children will be absolutely devastating. And if we ourselves cannot muster the courage to stand up for ourselves, then for heaven's sake let us stand up for our children." (Biderman's chart of coercion - page 53)

DAVID ICKE: The systematic destruction of the human psyche

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