The Bees are out and about

I found them feeding on my Peach tree flowers, it is around 60f today and I've seen them feeding on the flowers near by.

I placed the cocoons out but I have not seen any emerge yet. It may take a few days. Though the 2x4 bees seem to be emerging without issue. Maybe that is where the Bees feeding on the Peach tree flowers.

I keep finding Bees on the ground near the 2x4 home. Most of them are alive and just seem to be sitting still. I move them up to where the 2x4 homes are with a little twig and they seem to move around more up there.

I think this is a female above which is good, I hope eventually they will prefer the Bee boards I made for them. Though right now they are just waking up and not in the stage of building nests yet.

Found one on a rock, so I moved it back up to the 2x4 home. After awhile they fly off probably feeding on some flower nectar.

Some of the Bees will crawl around the homes and vibrate their wings. Not sure what that's about, maybe shaking off mud and cocoon material after emerging.

They look over the edge and then make their first flight. I watch them and they only fly a few feet before resting. And then moving on the flowers.

Looking forward to them checking out the Bee boards I made. But for right now they are busy coming out of hibernation. Those black containers are the 3D printed containers I'm using to hatch the cocoons inside.

I have out set out in the sun, the black material heating up helping to make the container warm enough to encourage the Bees to emerge.

It has a lid to keep out the curious critters and I think the cocoons need to be protected from direct sunlight. Though no signs of them coming out yet. Not sure what to expect as this is my first time using this method for having them emerge.

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