Beer Saturday 222 - Muggles, Cottage Beer and Beer Art

#BeerSaturday is at week 222 and I am drinking different styles of beers from all across this province.


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I became a beer blogger because of the years I have spent brewing for myself, the breweries I work with now on their technology and marketing, and the decades spent imbibing combine for the self-decreed title of the #Blockchain #Beerologist.

This week, I am now a part of the Mug Club, enjoy a cottage IPA, and and knocking off another numbered IPA series.


Pint of the Week!


To kick things off properly, I will highlight a pint enjoyed on the town as summer winds down. This week, we are official mug club members at one of our local breweries Heritage Hops Brew Co. Membership has its privileges as they keep your mug on the shelf for the year, serve you discount beer, $5 pours on Wednesdays (which happen to be trivia nights), and a few other perks. It is amazing that we have held out this long becoming a muggle considering how many breweries we work with.

This time, and probably many others to follow, I enjoyed their finest standard IPA, 21 Haze


Kunga Roo?


I have an enviable supply chain for Boshkung Brewing Co. It is in a cottage region I don't get to visit very often but a shipment comes back to the big city with a family member, and sometimes makes it out here! Nice craft beer with not much of an IPA game from what I have tasted. Here is a new one!


Kunga Roo a pleasant brand for a craft IPA from cottage country for sure. It is not so pale as other India Pale Ales when you pour it out and is topped with a nice frothy head. I do appreciate a little malt in a good ipa when done well and this is one of those. Nothing earth shattering but definitely the best IPA I have had from Boshkung. A reasonable amount of hops and bitterness, a bit o sweet and nice make to balance it out.


Collective Arts


Beer and art are a fantastic combination which is why I have reviewed 18 straight numbered IPAs from Collective Arts Brewery Just having a seasonal playground/one-off beer every damn season from a solid brewery, makes for enough yummy content for any aspiring #beerologist looking to cut his or her teeth on a blockchain. The artist featured on this one is Sebastian Abboud from British Columbia on the west coast of Canada


IPA no. 18 is didn't start off so well with the coconut and the lime....neither of which normally belong in a beer. Though, I have never met one of the numbered IPAs I didn't like at least a little. Sabro and Motueka hops tend to sweeten up a solid IPA so we will have to jump in lips first and see.
As expected, this tasted like a mai tai or something like that. Wild coconut battling with sour lime, this beer chases that with big hops and enough tart to almost make it a sour.

For the sake of tasting something different, bold and huge, this beer was perfect. If I was going back to the friedge for another, I would have to move on to something different as 2 of these would be just too much sour lime for me. Otherwise, neat new beer I am glad I had the chance to taste!


Guest Beer


This hazy image comes to me from my supplier of Boshkung beer who also lives quite close to Henderson Brewing which has very interesting IPAs. I couldn't find the Salted Lime Gose on the website but came close with the Raspberry version of this seasonal series.

A gose, for me, is simply a nice break from the regular hoppy or malty favourites and a taste of something completely different. Always some fruit or veggie juice added to it and I never seem to enjoy more that one. This one was neat with a subtle lime and a salinity that boosted the crispness and flavour. I was a few deep when I sampled it but I will have to give it a fair shot if I find it on the shelf again.





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This week, I am inviting a friend I have had since I joined the blockchain years ago @manoldonchev. His photography and flare for the arts along with interesting stories from Bulgaria make him a good addition to your feed of friends.

Cheers to our global family of beer-drinkers!!



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