Beer Tasting: Union Pale Ale

It's really been a time to try this. Union brewery is the second largest brewery in Slovenia. Union lager is one of the most popular beers here, usually, if you want to drink beer in Slovenia at all places, they offer you Union or Laško beer.
But, as everything changed, nowadays you have various Union beers. (Maybe because Heineken bought the brewery, who knows...)... So, to be short, I bought 4 bottles in the Spar shop today with an intention to taste it.

Union Pale Ale


The beer is the light yellow colour with medium white head, smooth bitterness, slightly citrusy and herbal feel. Very well balanced brew with excellent drinkability. The positive surprise from a big brewery. Well done from my point of view.


Last but not least - very affordable price - 0,5 l bottle costs 1.47 € in shop.
Ratebeer rating.

And as if I knew, after writing this....I get visits ...tomorrow must buy new package of this beers :)


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