Beer tasting: Slodki Wiewior

Hello beer tasters!

The buddy from job brought me this beer as a gift from his travel. Yes, I'm known beer taster (the effect or result of my previous efforts, maybe?) and several times I get some beer to taste. So, I combine "dulce et utile" and that's cool.

Slodki Wiewior


The beer is brewed by microbrewery Warzelnia Piwa, Bydgoszcz, Poland. Bottle, 0.5 l, Alcohol 5.5%.


The beer is golden in color, cloudy, unfiltered. Already at the first sip, the taste of hazelnuts prevails. In the background caramel, solid bitterness of hops and the sweetness of the malt. The second sip, the third sip ... the last sip, the same flavor is still going on.


Simply, few ingredients are very well balanced in common taste. I would drink another one right away. When/if I'll be in Bydgoszcz, I'll definitely go to that place.

And the tune, for the colleague who brought me the gift, he'll know why... :)

Enjoy Your Beer!

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Enjoy the rest of the day!
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