Beer Tasting: Sarajevsko

I visited a hospital yesterday. Nothing terrible just took older son to a control check. After the review, everything was fine, but the hunger came.
Okay, let's go something to eat. My son prefers chevapcici, a grilled dish of minced meat, so we went to Sarajevo grill, Pauza.
They have a beer, too. Sarajevsko.
I don't want to drink much so I ordered a small bottle.


Sarajevsko is pale lager brewed by Sarajevska pivara. Light yellow color, no specific aroma, industrial, unfortunately, nothing special beer.


Although the beer was nothing special, the food was very tasty. It smelled so good and I started eating right away. Only later I thought about the photo :)


Next time I'm going to order a beer from Union or Laško. They have these beers in the offer.

More beers?
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Enjoy the rest of the day!
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