Beer Tasting: Lucky Jack and Sour Suzy


9 days passed since I taste the new beer. That does not mean I didn't even drink beer...
Well, there's a new dose from a nearby store (Hofer).

Lucky Jack


It's brewed by Lervig Aktiebryggeri, microbrewery from Stavanger, Norway. American Pale Ale style. Good and refreshing, moderately bitter, some citrus taste behind. Pale ale amber color. Maybe I'll buy another bottle. Ratebeer rating.

Sour Suzy


The same brewery than previous. They say that:

Sour Suzy mimics a classic German brewing technique (sour mashing) to impart a light, refreshing tartness.

Sorry but I don't taste classic German brewing technique, very, very, even too sour for my taste, I could not drink all bottle... maybe it was rotten? I drank a glass (2dcl), but I was OK after that. In short, I don't recommend. Ratebeer.

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