Beer Tasting: Krušovice Svetle

Hello Steemians!

It's been 27 days since I published my last Beer testing post.
Of course, I drinking beer during this time (what should I drink, please don't advice me water, ha ha). But, only my standard beers (check the links below), no new experiments with tasting.

Krušovice Svetle

I have some spare time left (well, maybe I should spent it with wife, kids and dog...) and a lot of media content (check my DTube chanell or my DSound channel) to prepare and why not combine pleasant with useful (phrase: dulce et utile)?


Anyway, as I'm waiting for something to render I got a can of Krušovice Svetle. Its's Czech pilsener style, brewed by Královský pivovar Krušovice, now owned by Heineken...


It's slightly bitter with the expressed hops aroma.Through throat runs smoothly, especially cold. For me very drinkable.
And Ratebeer.


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Enjoy the rest of the day!
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