Beer Tasting: Eureka

Hello beer tasters and other Steemians!

Eureka! Yes, that's the beer, precisely Hungarian beer, crafted for Lidl.


You know what's interesting? I can't find the brewery. I find Lidl Magyarország as client brewery and then lost. Looks that this (in Europe) big discount shops corporation Lidl have its own brewery, ha, and sell its own crafted beers. And the beer is cheaper than from other small breweries they sell in their discount shops.


Well, the other thing is the taste. If I'm thinking about the Lidl, it's a corporation, thousands of shops across Europe, they probably know what people want/need? They offer what average people, mistake, not for the average, for them they have tons of unnamed beer cans for a very low price, for beer tasters they offer what they want...


Eureka is a lager. Gold color, little bitter, herbal notes at the end. Surprisingly good lager, better than average.
Well, seems that I'm an ideal consumer for this.
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More beers?

More beers?
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