Beer of the week - Celebrating my 500 HIVEPower milestone! - Ganter 'Magisch Dunkel'

500 HIVE POWER: check ✅


After 29 months in this community I finally don't feel like plankton anymore, as I recently managed to reach the 500 HP threshold.
In those two years I generated 32 HP from curation rewards and 317 HP from author rewards, while the remainder was bought, traded or earned from other sources.
In addition there are still funds on power down over at steem, and roughly 15% are held in HIVE and HBD for liquidity reasons.


I guess that deserves a BEER to celebrate and channel some energy for the road to 5k!

What happens when you violate beer...

Two days ago Zötler issued a recall due to potentially explosive shandy bottles, so I decided to go the safe route and opted for a different brewery this #beersaturday.

Beer of the week - Ganter 'Magisch Dunkel'


Ganter is located in Freiburg, Germany and seems to be the city's most popular local brewery, according to the store shelfs.
The various explicit opinions from locals suggest otherwise, but those might be based on their Pilsner style, which is in fact not particularly overwhelming.
Luckily I could do some cherry picking and went for a special beer this time.

Ganter has some fun facts to offer as well:
The brewery was founded in 1865. In 1920 they decided to invest in a modern power generator when public power grids were on the rise. During WW2 they were therefore able to keep up beer production, as well as the public water supply, even after severe bombings.

Ganter is also the only brewery in the entire state that still keeps horses for beer deliveries. A practice only found at two breweries throughout Germany.

Technical part

  • 13.6 °Plato
  • 18 IBU
  • 5.8 % Vol.
  • light and dark barley malts
  • Tettnanger and Hallertauer aroma hops
  • bottom fermented

This beer is only brewed at night during full moon.


After dealing with a haunted ghost last week, let's experience some black magic rituals:


The coloration is indeed dark but in a distinct red tone that displays a beautiful shine in the sparse sunlight. While the head seems really nice at first, it faded before I finished the photosession.


At first sight it seems like a cherry porter. The bouquet is rich in flavors of cherry, dried fruits, roasted malts, bisquit and licorice. Stirring up some foam spawns more of the earthy flavors.

The first sip is smooth and creamy with a subtle, delicate carbonation that creates a nice mouth feel.

While the nose promised an aromatic experience, on the palate it's a bit watery and lacks some balls. A little bit more of those mentioned flavors and it would have been a really good beer. Aside from that it drinks nicely.



Although the beer has a promising entrance, it doesn't deliver a lasting impression. It is an easy drinking beer without any faults, though.
If you jug this straight from the bottle it would probably be a very disappointing experience - which might explain the low opinions of Ganter beers.
Maybe the beast awakes only at full moon...?!

My personal rating is a 3.25/5

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