Maryland Showcase 13 - Forsaken

Comin' up outta Cecil-tucky. clears throat Cecil County, Maryland. Forsaken, a Hick-Hop artist (group?, I'm not sure). Correct me if I'm wrong here. So what I got for yeh' 'dere bunk...

I'm just doing all this to put on for the 'Ol Line State. Who cares... "Bon Fire 10 foot high!"

Forsaken - Peach, Cherry, Apple Pie feat Danny Boone and Jagwa Boys

YouTube - Forsaken and The Whiskey Rebellion

Twitter - @Forsaken410

Instagram - @Forsaken410

I'm not out here to make books of these. I will however being more critical of each song I post doing these, or "blog". Me doing this is me trying to help, please don't come down on me for not doing your song, or video. I have no hate in what I'm trying to do, but I'm looking out for what I like. I can't help you if it isn't for you. We can all win a little bit out here when we are doing these things. I can't even imagine doing it any other way. I still appreciate each and every one of you, if I can help I will. Thats how we do here. We're not nice but we're kind. 'Merlin

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