Lighted wall hanger with bears at a campfire

Hello and good morning all!
Today I'll share a quick piece I did for a good customer last summer.

Heres the finished piece lit up with some spare LEDs I had..knew I would find a use for them sooner or later.

I started off with a few shiplapped boards that I cut through shapes of two bears sitting at a campfire with the moon and a couple stars. Kept it simple.

Here I am showing my son the shadow it creates when the sun hit it. That's my little dog Jorgie pictured with us.

Before I cut the round, testing lights.


A little gif for your viewing pleasure.

And here it is without the lights, looks good like that also.

I want to thank you all for seeing what I saw and for following. Feel free to reblog. Be well and have a great day.
Stay tuned, tomorrow I will have a couple epic pieces to share that I had to drive across the country.
Thanks again,