Sunsets on Boulder Beach, NSW. - SunThursday- Edition 28.

On one of my many journeys driving up the north coast of NSW, Australia on our no destination weekends we would always try and find a different township embedded on the coastline on this particular weekend we ended up on Boulder Beach which is in between the headlands of Lennox Head and Ballina, as we drove into Lennox Head town we headed straight towards the beach parked our car and when for a walk along Lennox Head Beach to enjoy not only the walk but also the sunset as we were walking towards the end of Lennox Head Beach there was a set of staircases leading up to the headland cliff side, it looked like a interesting walk and coming on to sunset we were sure to have a great view of from the top of that headland, it was about a 1 hour walk to the top following the pathway enjoying the stunning views of the Pacific ocean.



When we got to the top of Lennox headland looking across were the stunning views of Lennox Head town in the distance and we could see Boulder Beach which was a little bit off the beaten track, we made our way down the pathways around the cliff side down to Boulder beach, surprisingly this beach does not have any white sand instead has lots of big boulders along the shore which have been deposited here over the millions of years of erosion.



Boulder beach they say is not a recommended beach to swim in unless you are a strong swimmer but it is a very popular with surfers due to the tides, it has some enormous waves to ride. We made our way down to Boulder beach, walking along this beach climbing over boulders and rocks a little bit slippery at times but was interesting to see these formations of black boulders and definitely was unusual to see a beach along this bit of coastline without any white sand.





The cement walkway between Lennox Head beach and Boulder beach is a beautiful 7km walk with spectacular views good for all skill levels and you will also encounter some wildlife along the way and in Whale season it's a great spot to be doing Whale watching, many locals will also use this walkway for jogging and walking there dogs.




Many locals tend to forget about Boulder Beach when it comes to the big swells and head either to Lennox Beach or Ballina Beach, to catch the big waves but if you can be bothered to rock over the boulders you will be free to surf in peace with a lot lesser crowd making it more enjoyable. Lennox Head Town and Lennox beach are next door to Boulder beach but it is Lennox beach, the white sand beach that everyone dreams about and the town we found was very peaceful and friendly a town you would love to settle and retire in with only a small population and apart from it's beautiful coastal beaches the town has everything you could possibly need. This is white sand Lennox beach and Lennox town in the distance as we were walking along the white soft sand heading towards Boulder beach before sunset.








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