Beach Wednesday Contest - A Compilation of my Favourite Spots


There's something so mesmerising about the ocean for me. The massive proportion of the world that it encompasses, the phenomenal power that it possesses, the way waves rise above and crash over one another.

The ocean is such a mysterious and powerful force, yet there is nothing more calming and soothing than the cool ocean breeze and the sound of waves breaking or crashing against the rocks.

For me the beach is a happy place. A place where families go to spend quality time. A place where people escape the stresses of their everyday lives. A place where we can be at one with nature. Peacefulness, serenity, freedom.

Living in Brisbane Australia, we are blessed with countless beaches. Golden sand, crystal blue waters, and consistent sunny days. It's no surprise us Australians love the beach. I'm going to share with you some photos of my favourite spots.

Apollo Bay, Melbourne


This beach was one of my absolute favourites. My wife and I were on holiday and went on a guided tour of the Melbourne Coast. We travelled along the Great Ocean Road, which is a famous road built post world war. We stopped at Apollo Bay, and were overwhelmed by its beauty. Really didn't want to get back on the bus after.



That day we ended the tour at the 12 Apostilles on Great Ocean Road, which we found absolutely amazing. These are formed from years and years of weathering and erosion, highlighting that great power the ocean possesses.

Moreton Island, Brisbane



Moreton Island is another one of my favourite beach experiences. In order to get there you have to catch a ferry over. We went camping there for the Christmas holidays one year, and adored its secludedness, peacefulness, and of course its beauty. There's also a famous shipwreck located off the coast, which you can swim out to, snorkel and explore. Pretty cool we thought. Miles of golden sanded beach too, which means you can have a spot entirely to yourself.

Granite Bay, Noosa


This little beach is a hidden gem that we found when we did the Noosa Coastal walk. It's located within the Noosa national park, so the surrounding views are spectacular. Once again we loved the peacefulness of this spot, and with the sun glistening on the crystal waters the view is hard to beat.

Moffat Beach, Caloundra


This is one of the closest beaches to where we live, which is only a 40 minute drive away. We love spending our weekends here. There's some awesome cafes that we always go to for breakfast, then just relax under the trees. Spend the day alternating between reading, swimming, and just simply soaking up the scenery.

Boracay, Philippines



Was lucky enough to travel to the Philippines for a holiday in 2019, and man were their beaches stunning. The colour of the water is so clear, its phenomenal. With palm trees located across the beach-front it felt like we were in paradise. So many awesome restaurants on the waterfront too, we had an absolute blast visiting here.

Wynnum Waterfront, Brisbane


This is our favourite walking spot, as its 2 minutes from where we used to live. Most evenings after work we would go for a walk down there. Something so peaceful and therapeutic about the sun setting on the ocean. The sunsets there are quite regularly as spectacular as this, making it a spot we visit regularly.

As you can see, I am an avid ocean lover. The beach to us is a relaxing, revitalising spot, in which we can be at one with the serenity of nature. After a busy week at work, the beach is our medicine. We always leave feeling fulfilled, at peace, and refreshed.

Thanks for reading, and hope you enjoyed the sharing of a few of my favourite spots.

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