Man Thai Fishing Village 🎣 Beach Beauty 🎏

Considering myself as a slow traveller, I always try to manage to find a work in a place where I can discover surroundings. Nature and the local are 2 things that have great effect on my decision. People often say Danang is the most worth-living place in Vietnam and that was proven since I decided to take one way ticket from Saigon (also called as Ho Chi Minh - the biggest commercial city in Vietnam). It's not only low cost based on quality living but also plenty of amazing attractions and lovely local as well. I will write an article to give ideal budget to live comfortably in Vietnam another times.


There are many attractions that I would love to show you, however, today as following #BeachWednesday hosted by @uwelang, I will typically share with you about Man Thai Beach where I am living at the moment ^^


Man Thai located in on the foot of Son Tra mountain is a local fishing village. Nowadays, even though most young generation have jobs in different industries like working in hotels, restaurants, etc, everyone still tries to keep local traditions with fishing life.


In this fishing village, you will not be suprised to see people starting their day very early arround 3am. They go catching fish, purchasing seafood from larger boats, also doing exercise.


No matter how many fish they catch, they are always full of energy to sing their homemade fishing songs and pull the net together (usually the whole family and relatives) That's their VitaminSea of the Day, such a simple life but full of happiness 💖

When the work has been done, the fishermen will start to categorize and sell their fish to traders as the results of all hard working efforts, then the traders will bring all fish, squids, shrimps to sell at Man Thai Market or Chieu Market which are well-known as seafood markets in Danang, not only for local but also tourists.


I can't be on diet with such fresh seafood here 😋

While driving up to Linh ung pagoda you will definitely pass a fishing port. There are plenty of local boat parking here after a fishing trips. Time to rest for boat owners as well 😌


Man Thai is also one of the most beautiful place for me to chase the sunrise. Noone can refuse such gogerous present of mother nature 💛


What a beautiful and peaceful time to see the sun on reflection with ocean!

I don't want to be selfish to enjoy the sunrise alone, so often I knock the door to call Lola out. At the beginning, it was a bit anoying for her I guess but the moments she see the sun shining, she is amazed 🙀 I will call her join in our community to share her thought and will see how funny to read my post mentioned her 😝

There are many activities that you can do here, beside local experience like surfing, padling, parasailing and chilling at a colorful beach bar 🤗


I can't express how much love I am for this little village. This is my second homeland and also inspring land for some famous photographers to deliver their artwork. You can find many great shots on pixalbay mentioned Man Thai beach. And also if you travel here with your children, that will be good to show them the daily life of local fishing village. Don't miss it 🤗

Thank you for reading and Happy May Day from the little 
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