BDCommunity Writing Contest-Week 2:Describe Your Best Adda Ever

Hi there I am @manojbhatt, Its been long time I haven't participate in any contests either them the memecontest,

I have seen the new #contest that runs by #bdcommunity, I haven't got time to participate in the contest but time I have to 😋
So let's began

I usually spend most of my time these days by playing #pubg with my all friends, its too addictive I have been scold for this from my parents many times.

I have a adda where we all friends meets daily before #lockdown, I used to play #Snooker a lot. So, the Snooker point near by my house.


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I pay #Snooker from many years my big brother knows about it but my parents don't but if any how they will find out may be they will never allow me to out.

as per there thoughts, #Snooker is played by all the smokers and alcoholic's. But the reality is quite different what they think.
It;s true many players their used to smoke a lot and may be that is for only show off to look them cool [this is as per my opinon], but I play this as a sports only.

I have participates in lots of tournaments in my town but I never won any till now😋,but I meet many new faces every time.

Most of the players are my age but some are same as my father, I wish my father also pay this game.

I have a dream to by a table for me and play with my friends a lot, I have spend a lot of money on this game the owner of the #snooker point is my good friend we used to bet a lot and the looser have to treat the winner with samosa, chowmin and sometimes momo 😉

I have stated this game when I have passed 12th now have completed my graduation. It's been more then three years.
that time one of my best friend used to play this game a lot. I have to be with him and day by day I got interested on this game and I have won a lots of games at beginning so may be that is the reason I started playing this to earn a little money by winning the game.

If win the looser will pay the payment of th game for both, the rates here are 20 NR for 10 or 20 minutes the rates are different everywhere.

My best player in this game is Ronnie O'Sullivan, he is an amazing player I want to play like him one day.

this all by side thanks a lot for the contest, I hope you will like this. @manojbhatt

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