Hello DCity, Mayor Charlie has a plan for more community engagement

Hello DCity! it's your boy, Charlie! Mayor BoyCharliePlays that is!

Whether you are reading on my website, my PeakD page, or any of my other channels I am truly thankful for you. As a gaming blockchain content creator, I urge my readers to see how to diversify digital and gaming assets through posting and playing on a creative new platform. I write reports and develop my content on the Hive blockchain to monetize content on specific channels based on community support in upvotes/likes. This platform is revolutionary in that active users have the ability to receive rewards from those who stake their earnings. Those who stake their Hive redirect new funding in the form of tokens from the reward pool to creators like me. Each report makes a case for how I am positively advocating for common users to adapt and join the blockchain for new monetization and business innovation.

With this report, I mark the revival of the chambers of the BoyCharlieFamily DCity Collective.

Mayor Charlie organizes daily reports with simple strategies about city holdings for players. The experiences of the associated cities @boycharlieisland, @boycharlieplays, @boycharliefamily, @boycharlieville, and @onestrong provide lore for the readers to follow.

This project shares knowledge and resources amongst players in the game. During my time on stream, I will showcase my 5 cities and use the La Diaspora space to showcase them for visitors during my Pokemon Training Club. The combined efforts of the 413Influencers I want to share more about this game through an experience that is building off of these reports. The long-term goal of this project is to bring the boycharliefamily city to the top performer spot in the rankings.

DCity Buzzes

I plan on reporting for each district of the BoyCharlieFamily DCity Collective through d.buzz. This website allows creators to share short-form content for other accounts on the blockchain. These City Buzzes encourage other players of dCity to buzz out their recent stats to get more promotion going. Tagging the right communities about the earnings of each city I am raising Hive Power and HBD to purchase more SIM tokens on the Hive-Engine market or @dcitygame Market NFTs.

1. boycharliefamily city - The Collection District

boycharliefamily city is the home to the majority of NFTs(Business, Technology, and Citizen cards) in Charles Laboy's collection. Unemployment is a little high but the jobs are all are diverse. We are able to create test new strategies in the other cities and mint new Crisis Prevention, Technology, and Citizen cards. Each day there are multiple different Hive-Engine token income streams coming in such as WEED, BEER, CCC, and ENTRY. Content from this account revolves around dcity and the @boycharliefamily gaming club programming.

2. boycharlieplays city - The Creator District

boycharlieplays city is the founding member of the collective and is the home to Mayor Charlie. The goal of the city is to reinvest earnings from the content creating to Business NFTs that earn alternative Hive-engine incomes(BEER, WEED, ENTRY, etc.) and perfect the crime-fighting sustainability. The content from this account revolves around many different games and moments in Charlie's life.

3. boycharlieisland city - The Coastal District

@boycharlieisland city is the newest account designed for the collective and @boycharlieplays hive content creation branding. The goal of the island is to reinvest content creation earnings into NFTs that are tourism-themed. The content from this channel revolves around Charlie playing Animal Crossing New Horizons.

4. boycharlieville city - The Second District

boycharlieville city is similar to boycharlieisland in which it is a secondary city and account for @boycharlieplays. The goal of the city is to reinvest in new business and technology NFTs through Hive and HBD earned from Minecraft content.

5. @onestrong city - The United District

The @onestrong city is an account dedicated to building up creators and creatives by Charlie Laboy. The city is reinvesting into businesses and citizens that improve the training of Homeless and Immigrant NFTs as well as the production of CCC tokens. The content from the account revolves around the One Strong Creative Programming by @boycharlieplays which invites creatives from Chicopee, MA to sign up onto the Hive blockchain. This account also details a creative economy project taking shape in the form of the One Strong Token program. More details on what the program entails in future posts.

Thanks for reading!

In another update, I will curate content from these accounts as part of their city contributions to the economic growth of the party. I have goals of creating content reinvesting into more NFTs and bringing on new people. Only by holding to these content goals can I hope to establish creative economies for other creators like myself. So again thank you for supporting and check out my other channels for recent content.

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