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What's good everybody, it's your boy, Charlie!

Welcome to the @boycharlieisland! A creative island roleplay project revolving around @dcitygame and Animal Crossing New Horizons on Nintendo Switch game play by @boycharlieplays.

@boycharlieplays is a gaming creator that is building community spaces online and in Chicopee, Massachusetts that utilizes a creative economy out of the Hive blockchain. By writing these blogs out to readers and @boycharliefamily members he has an opportunity to utilize the #BATTLE network, Hive, and the gaming communities to award benefits in an innovative new creative economy.

@boycharlieplays uses the blockchain to reward upvoters and commenters and participants of Gaming and Creator programming. He even showcases his and other's talents(through reblogs of other content) in a powerful new monetization system for content and interaction. Readers should follow and read more from @boycharlieisland and the other @boycharlieplays content accounts to comment, upvote, and trade resources with me or others in the comments. Visit the @boycharlieplays Hive Content Creation website www.boycharlieplays.com to see more content.

Animal Crossing New Horizons on @boycharliesland


Animal Crossing New Horizons( #ACNH ) is an island simulator game on the Nintendo Switch that took the world by storm during the height of the pandemic in 2020.

In Animal Crossing New Horizons you collect fruit, fossils, bugs, clothing, and decorative items. You also get to connect with cute island residents who are living on the island and visit the islands of other island residents. This makes it possible to visit other islands and get to know other Animal Crossing New Horizons players.

Meet the Island Rep for the Animal Crossing New Horizon @boycharliesland

@boycharlieplays Hive Content Creation has a hired representative for the mainland reporting. He goes by the code name of BCP.


The Island

The @boycharlieisland is in the northern hemisphere and is home to cherry fruit trees. It has a central island surrounded by a river pattern leading to the east and southern oceans. The center area and airplane dock are south-east of the center island.


Island Tasks

As Resident Representative BCP is currently working on building the store, the museum and the rest of the neighborhood on the island. We want to invite readers to trade and be a part of the story. To be a part of the action of @boycharlieisland readers can add my friend code below.

Nintendo Switch Friend Code: 4456-3647-6300


DCity Collective Contribution

BCP is using @dcitygame ( #dcity ) to manage and hold NFTs on the Hive blockchain to earn cryptocurrency and more resources for @boycharlisland. Each in-game NFT represents a Business, Technology, or Citizen card that affects the city's stats.

BCP's goal is to manage these holdings against the current in-game government tax and pandemic system to come out with earnings each day.

Check out the latest report on the @boycharlieisland dcity stats below




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