Was Kobe Bryant Murdered?

The helicopter crashed. His daughter died as well. I want to talk a little bit about what just happened. I want to share some links to this news story. I want to share some videos relating to the death of Kobe Bryant. I have a few different questions in regards to what happened. The biggest would be: "Was Kobe Bryant Murdered?"

Was Kobe Bryant Murdered?

Here is my rough draft outline article post that addresses this question. Long story short, I don't really know anything much at the moment. So, this article contains some videos and a few links to other posts. A bunch of people are talking about this all around the world today. This should be part one of my series on the murder of Kobe. It was probably a murder. It is unlikely that it was an accident. It is unlikely that they would all die. I don't have time right now to get into everything. I have a lot more to say on these matters. Many people are saying the same things on this matter and that is too bad. More on some of these things later.

Kobe & His Daughter Dead 2020-01-26 - Sunday.jpeg

Kobe Bryant & His Daughter Gianna Bryant Have Both Been Confirmed Dead 😰😰😰

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Was Kobe Bryant Murdered?

2020-01-26 - Sunday - 01:40 PM - Was Kobe Bryant Murdered? - 06:27 PM - Published | Discord | Free Square | Minds | Facebook

Kobe Bryant Died 2020-01-26 - Sunday - 26kobe01-jumbo-v2.jpg

The retired N.B.A. star, 41, and one of his daughters was among the passengers in a helicopter that crashed in Calabasas, Calif.

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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Published in January of 2020

kobe 1978-2020

Basketball legend Kobe Bryant killed :(

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Video Of Kobe Bryant's Helicopter Crashing With His Daughter


All timestamps are generally in Pacific Standard Time (PST) or Pacific Daylight Time (PDT), unless otherwise noted.

This Morning

10:14 AM - A report of a downed aircraft on hillside at Las Virgenes Rd and Willow Glen St in Calabasas was reported at 10:14 a.m. on this Sunday, the 26th of January of 2020. (VC Star)

Kobe Bryant Sacrificed?

According to astrology, to numerology, according to the numbers, Kobe's name equals to 113. It has been 157 days from his birthday. Lakers equals to 66. It is close to the Satanic Super Bowl.

After Fire

03:11 PM - Steemit

When it crashed after a fire, noting that 5 people were confirmed dead on board. After a fire? Did you say fire? I want to know more about this fire. I want to know how the fire started if there was in fact a fire in the helicopter Kobe Bryant was inside.

Kobe Bryant is Dead

Kobe Bryant is dead after a helicopter crash in Calabasas (in Los Angeles County). He was 41. Get the latest on the helicopter crash that killed Kobe Bryant in our LIVE BREAKING NEWS COVERAGE.

Foggy Conditions

The helicopter reportedly took off from Kobe Bryant's home and crashed in foggy conditions in Calabasas, CA. All four other people on board the helicopter also died. Among them was reportedly Kobe Bryant's daughter Gianna Maria (GiGi), who was 13 years old. In this interactive live stream, host Steve Lookner brings you the latest updates on the news that Kobe Bryant has died in a helicopter crash in Los Angeles County, and he'll also read your comments and questions on the air!

NBA Legend

He played his entire 20-year NBA career with the Los Angeles Lakers and finished his career as one of the best to ever play the game.


2:08 PM PT -- Barack Obama says, "Kobe was a legend on the court and just getting started in what would have been just as meaningful a second act." (TMZ)

Helicopter Crash

Officials confirm to Variety that Bryant was a passenger on board a helicopter that crashed in the Los Angeles suburb of Calabasas.

Kobe Bryant, daughter among 5 dead in helicopter crash in Southern California

The retired N.B.A. star, 41, and one of his daughters was among the passengers in a helicopter that crashed in Calabasas, Calif. (NY Times)

The Crash

Bryant was on his way to a travel basketball game with his 13-year-old daughter, Gianna, when the helicopter they were in crashed Sunday morning in Calabasas, Calif., according to ESPN reporter Adrian Wojnarowski. (MSN)

Lebron James

The stunning death of the sweet-shooting guard came just hours after he toasted fellow NBA icon and current Laker LeBron James for passing him for third place on the league’s all-time scoring list. “Continuing to move the game forward @KingJames,” wrote Bryant on Saturday night in what would prove to be his final tweet. “Much respect my brother.”

Flying Kobe

He takes a private helicopter from Orange County, where he lives with his wife and two children, to every home game. It’s a nice dash of glitz, a touch of showbiz that goes well with the Hollywood sign in the hazy distance. But sexy as it might seem, Bryant says the helicopter is just another tool for maintaining his body. It’s no different than his weights or his whirlpool tubs or his custom-made Nikes. Given his broken finger, his fragile knees, his sore back and achy feet, not to mention his chronic agita, Bryant can’t sit in a car for two hours. The helicopter, therefore, ensures that he gets to Staples Center feeling fresh, that his body is warm and loose and fluid as mercury when he steps onto the court.

Fire Before or After?

04:44 PM - Steemit

I'm not going to say Kobe Bryant was murdered but I cannot say it was only an accident in the sense that I simply don't know what happened as I was not there. So, I'm keeping my eyes open for clues to any murder signatures, evidence, that might be out there. I thought some people said there was a fire on the helicopter before the crash occurred. I can't confirm if the fire happened before or after or during the crash. But if the fire started while the helicopter was airborne, then it makes you wonder if the engine overheated or what. And one question can lead you down a path to other questions, down a rabbit trail of questions and everything.

Fake News

04:46 PM - Steemit

Well, there are clues out there already. So, I'm investigating it right now. Do you trust the fake news?

Normal Flying

04:47 PM - Steemit

But it does make you wonder as Kobe was in a helicopter like you are on rice or like an American in a car lol. Kobe would fly to his basketball games almost daily for many years.

Michael Jackson

05:41 PM - Steemit

I love that Kobe was influencing the world for the better like Michael Jackson.

Agenda Free TV

02:33 PM - Kobe Bryant Dead in Helicopter Crash - LIVE BREAKING NEWS COVERAGE


Michael Jordan Pays Tribute to Kobe Bryant Prior to Game


See you again - Kobe Bryant & Michael Jordan

Chigozie Truth

KOBE BRYANT IS DEAD | Kobe Bryant's Helicopter Was Sabotaged by the NBA for a Ritual Sacrifice

The Oatmeal English School - English You Can Eat

R.I.P. Kobe Bryant


R.I.P Kobe Bryant... Dies At Age 41 In Helicopter Crash with Daughter Gianna...🙏🏀❤️ ...

My Blog Journal Diary Autobiography
Joe Cronin Show
I wonder if it was an accident or not, RIP.
Shocking. Kobe was second to Michael Jordan. I miss Kobe already. Rest in peace.
Was Kobe Bryant murdered or was it just an accident?
How did it happened is what I want to know.
Basketball legend Kobe Bryant killed :(
Who would want to kill Kobe?
RIP Kobe Bryant
Kobe Bryant dies at age 41 in helicopter crash 🚁 - Some thoughts about death
I've been inspired by his life as well. I wonder if he was killed.
Barack Obama
Mike Cernovich
Jack Posobiec
Kobe vs Abortion Murder
Was Kobe Bryant murdered to distract us from the 2020 U.S. impeachment trial?
RIP Kobe & Gianna
Kobe Bryant was murder
VC Star
Da Windy City
Fox News
My Actifit Report Card: January 26 2020
I want to know more. Was it a murder or not? I do not know. Is it a distraction?
Was Kobe sacrificed for sure or just an accident?
KOBE BRYANT IS DEAD | Kobe Bryant's Helicopter Was Sabotaged by the NBA for a Ritual Sacrifice
Who caused the crash is what I want to know.
I hear there was was a fire in the helicopter. I'm not sure what that means and how that started. Not sure if there really was a fire or not but that is what some people say.
I agree. RIP Kobe. But I wonder if it was just an accident or not. I don't know.
I thought the fire happened before the crash. Are you sure about what you are saying?
Obituary: Bryant, widely considered one of basketball's greatest
Rest in peace. And I still wonder if it was an accident or not. Good photo here.
legends are forever !
Kobe :'(
I don't know if Kobe is dead. If Kobe is dead, I don't know how.
KOBE BRYANT will always be just one word; GREATNESS [sports] [life] [news]
Kobe Bryant was on fire and now he is literally on fire.
R.I.P. Kobe Bryant 😪
My Actifit Report Card: January 26 2020
😢 RIP Kobe Bryant — The first time in my life news of childhood icon’s death brings ...
Kobe Bryant is dead, and I’m already joking about it
one of my favorite basketball players of all time was killed in a helicopter crash in Calabasas, California
Kobe has been loved too much
Kobe Bryant dead at 41: Michael Jordan pays tribute
Descansa en Paz KOBE BRYANT
The cause of the crash is yet to ascertained as the time of this writing, it's still under scrutiny.
Like father, like daughter 😔💔
RIP one of the best basketball players ever.
Twitter Thread
Kobe Died In Helicopter Crash
Kobe Bryant passed on Accident
I love that he was writing books.
Kobe Bryant killed at a helicopter crash
RIP Champ!
It depends on what happened and what they are not telling you.

Helicopter Accident?


NBA Legend Kobe Bryant, Daughter Gigi, Die In Helicopter Crash - @patrickulrich
Kobe Bryant‘s death
RIP Black Mamba

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Mamba Forever



R.I.P Kobe Bryant... Dies At Age 41 In Helicopter Crash with Daughter Gianna...🙏🏀❤️ ...

Kobe Bryant Didn't Kill Himself.

Go get it, no matter what it is...

NBA Legend Kobe Bryant, Daughter Gigi, Die In Helicopter Crash

Mamba Forever

Kobe Bryant'S Daughter Gianna 'Gigi' Bryant Killed Helicopter Accident - Business Insider

Video Of Kobe Bryant's Helicopter Crashing With His Daughter

Kobe Bryant discussed his future plans just days before death | USA TODAY Kobe Bryant's Death, Allison Morris saying "Los Angelo's Niggers"?

Thousands in Los Angles have gathered at the Staples Center to pay their respects to one of the greatest the game has ever known

Growing up in the era that almost everyone shouting out "Kobe!"

I want to know what caused the crash.

Kobe Bryant & His Daughter Gianna Bryant Have Both Been Confirmed Dead 😰😰😰

Our hearts are truly broken with the tragic loss of NBA star Kobe Bryant his daughter ...

Kobe Bryant Helicopter Crash alleged 13yo daughter also dead along with 3 other people. Oddity of Death Hoax alleged 2 days prior and a cartoon with a Kobe Bryant crash scene. Attorney for Bryant during alleged rape represented Ramseys of JonBenet Case.

The death of a sports legend not only in the world of basketball


Kobe Sacrificed - Twitter Search

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