Life Under The Spaminator/Hivewatcher Blacklist

Hi Everyone,
A few days ago, I made an announcement that said free (random vote power) upvotes for the delegations of the @hiveupme curation project. But that feature was against the ethics of the community. So got a warning from @azircon and added me into the Spaminator/ Hivewatcher blacklist as well.

I was glad to see the above image, that's why I made a screenshot of it. What I developed, accurately following the community rules & as the owner of the script even I couldn't bypass the restrictions.

Is That Fair?

Honestly, I don't even know is that fair enough to set me on the blacklist without giving me a chance to fix the problem. I don't argue with the "Manual Upvotes" top of the chain. But it's not possible if we have to deal with our real life, professional life &, etc.
I don't want to shut down the curation project. Because people who delegated to this project could earn one of the highest delegation rewards when comparing with other projects.

The Answer?

"The Mentor Curation Script" - yes, you heard it correct. I am developing a new script that can collect mentor votes (reputed hives manual votes) on worthy authors & will follow that lead if post created time doesn't exceed 24 hrs max time cap.

Do They Remove Me From The Spammer Blacklist?

Honestly, I don't know. I appealed & it's still on the pending list. Let's hope they might give me positive feedback.
Anyway, I have some difficulties while writing in English & not a whale favored person at all. But until this point, I tried to develop few projects, especially token projects for the long run.
I will not stop my journey top of the Hive. And no matter what will happen next, I will develop a collection of new tools to fight against spams & scams top of the Hive chain by referring to the spaminator blacklist. Sometimes, these tools will attack me too. But, I hope to finish the job as I said before.

Sad Story

I have developed 2 features for the Spaminator Hivewatcher blacklists by myself. I know I don't deserve rewards for these scripts. Sometimes these scripts already developed. But at least they could inspire me by few words in the comment section. (Sometimes I do not deserve that too - who knows)

Stay Safe & Enjoy

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