It was September 19, 2018...

Can you guess the significance of that day?

That's when the very 1st #AutomaticWin's went live and we began this WILD ADVENTURE on the Hive Blockchain.*** (Only at that time... We didn't know our blockchain was going to be alive on Hive!)

*** Does anyone know who registered the very 1st #AutomaticWin!? A #HighFive and 5 Hive goes to the first person to comment correctly on that persons latest post! (Make sure that you use @wil.metcalfe's handle so that we know you found them!)

That's officially the day it happened! 796 days ago (a little more than 2 years) this crazy step counting challenge launched! 🚀

We wanted to encourage and support people actively taking the initiative with their health. Growing alongside the @Actifit project, a dApp that you can track and publish your steps/activities onto the Hive Blockchain, it was decided that we would begin incentivizing step activity with #AutomaticWin's

💨10,000👟 + 10am⏱ = #AutomaticWin!💥🏅💥

The idea was a simple and straight forward one. Wake up 1st thing in the morning, before all those distractions and expectations began demanding your time and attention, and get 10,000 steps before 10am!

It didn't matter how you got your steps! You could #Walk, #Run, #Climb Stairs, WHATEVER! Just make your health a priority before anything or anyone could lay claim to your day.

Prioritizing your health in this way laid the foundation for a WIN (or how about an #AutomaticWin!) because once you had those 10,000 steps under your belt anything extra that you did would now count for EXCEPTIONAL! results! Now your day was primed and ready!

Way to WIN the day!

Making your steps count 1st thing was a way to take control and make your steps count! And that's the trick really! Adding meaning to every step you take means that your more likely to keep on doing what's good for you!

And so we all were off running, walking, and stair climbing all around the globe!!!

It was exciting because lots of people were excited to add the #AutomaticWin to their step goals!

Fast forward to today! It's November 24, 2020 and two years have flipped by FAST! But we have been, day in and day out, awarding all those thousands of #AutomaticWin's and it's been incredible! We had no idea at first that you guys and girls were out there... waiting for this idea! But you have all showed up over and over again!

Some of you have been registering #AutomaticWin's nearly EVERY SINGLE DAY! It's AMAZING really! This is the sort of energy that's contagious for all the right reasons... I goes to show that WINNING is contagious!


And that's why we also decided to launch another step initiative to run side-by-side with #AutomaticWin this year!

On May 24, 2020 we launched the #Win Initiative!

💨10,000👟 + 10pm⏱ = #Win!💥🏅💥

The #Win Initiative is designed to compliment or help you all build up to the #AutomaticWin Initiative. So even if your not able to rise early to the challenge of getting 10,000 steps before 10am... There's still a way to #Win! It all depends on you and the goals you set for yourself!

If you want to see if you can achieve a #Win or an #AutomaticWin just click on the hashtag to read about how other people everywhere are achieving these step goals!

You might even get excited and decide to find out how many #Win's or #AutomaticWin's you can string together! We will be right there with you every step of the way awarding achievement badges, rewarding with up-votes, and possible re-blogs for all @Actifit Reports that meet either the #Win or the #AutomaticWin requirements!

Speaking of which! Make sure your snapping and attaching your screen capture proof of #Win or #AutomaticWin to your @Actifit Report. As well! Make sure you use the appropriate hashtag (within the first 5 hashtags) in your post so they show up in the official feeds!
WIN ICON 2X2.png

In addition to these awards and rewards we will also issue you a shiny NEW WIN Token for every #AutomaticWin (and 0.1 of a WIN Token for every #Win) that you achieve!

This brings us to the part of this post where we get to tell you just how many #AutomaticWin's have been registered on the feed since we began rewarding participants with our original Token called the AWIN Token. If you look at the leaderboard at the top of this post you will notice how many #AutomaticWin's have been collected by participants from the time we began issuing the AWIN Token on Steem Engine!

It's pretty incredible isn't it!? These guys and girls are straight up AMAZING and we couldn't be more proud of their accomplishments! For every AWIN Token that's a registered #AutomaticWin! Do you realize what this means?! It means that these people made their health a priority! They got up early and got their 10,000 steps before the clock struck 10am... over and over again!!!

Seeing this level of dedication was a real inspiration for us here at @AdventureReady! That's why we decided that moving our reward token to the Hive Engine platform should be a special occasion!

To celebrate all those steps that you all took we decided that we would buy back EVERY SINGLE AWIN Token ever issued!!!

1 Hive for every AWIN Token sent to the @AdventureReady account. And in addition to that we are replacing each of those AWIN Tokens with our shiny NEW WIN Token. 1 for 1!

To add to the excitement we thought that it would be fun to also reward the top 3 #AutomaticWin participants!

  • 1st place - 100 Hive Reward!
  • 2nd place - 50 Hive Reward!
  • 3rd place - 25 Hive Reward!

So without much further ado we would like to announce our winners!!!


And for the rest of you... don't worry! You can all WIN with @AdventureReady! All you gotta do, going forward, is go out there and get those #Win's and #AutomaticWin's!


  1. @danmaruschak from the U.S.A. with 449 #AutomaticWin's
  2. @practicaleric from Kenya with 419 #AutomaticWin's
  3. @roger5120 from the U.S.A. with 401 #AutomaticWin's
  4. @wenchebakken from the U.S.A. with 166 #AutomaticWin's
  5. @definethedollar from the U.S.A. with 73 #AutomaticWin's
  6. @manuvert from the U.S.A. with 55 #AutomaticWin's
  7. @wil.metcalfe from Canada with 50 #AutomaticWin's
  8. @runridefly from the U.S.A. with 33 #AutomaticWin's
  9. @frankvvv from Belgium with 13 #AutomaticWin's
  10. @ervin-lemark from Slovenia with 7 #AutomaticWin's
  11. @vesytz from Bulgaria with 6 #AutomaticWin's
  12. @hafiz34 from Bangladesh with 4 #AutomaticWin's
  13. @kpreddy from India with 2 #AutomaticWin's
  14. @outlinez from Bulgaria with 1 #AutomaticWin

All of your efforts are truly INSPIRING! Thank you for leading out front and putting your best foot forward each and every day! You all have shown us what is possible when someone (anyone !) takes their health seriously! You are all winners!



Be sure you check your wallets everybody! You will find a matching amount of 1 Hive for every #AutomaticWin that you registered! We have also sent 1 WIN Token for every #AutomaticWin as well!***

***Log onto Hive Engine to check your balances. (The link is bellow.)

Hive Engine


In no particular order the following people listed bellow also achieved #AutomaticWin's at some point along the way and may (or may not) have AWIN Tokens in their Steem Engine accounts!
@tinamarr @cwow2 @atongis @gingbabida @jayna @mr-hades @rishabh99946 @casperbgd @browery @eprolific @tattoodjay @masoom @bethvalverde @moderndayhippie @rajib2k5 @yousafharoonkhan @ketcom @blueeyes8960 @swedishdragon @stellastai @amico @elizabethbit @silvertop @baro89 @crypt-skip @arrliinn @blueboar3 @yena19 @trayan @farizal @zakododi @duranzo89 @thereikiforest @bbooaae @rmsbodybuilding @mk992039 @guurry123 @rogernfl @blacklux @zero6t7 @behelen @ziabut @steemstreems @amr008 @nateonsteemit @osso @geekdancing @tristan-muller @psyceratopsb @petertag @sallybeth23 @booster916 @axeman @ereismatias @nasarakbar @toddfoster @azadhossain @ravisarikonda @silverfoxx @ecoinstant

Just comment on this post once you have sent your AWIN Tokens to the @AdventureReady account on Steem Engine! ( Our offer still stands (until the expiration of this posts voting cycle). We have decided to extend our offer during this limited time! We will buy back your AWIN Tokens at the rate of 1 Hive for every 1 AWIN Token and we will also send you a shiny NEW WIN Token on Hive Engine (

So! Send in those AWIN Tokens everybody!


Now that you have read all the way to the bottom of this post... THANK YOU! Thank you, each and everyone of you, for all your support from far and wide over the years!

If any of you think that you might be interested in stepping up your stepping game why not consider attempting a #Win or an #AutomaticWin!?

Click on either of these hashtags to read about how other people just like you are getting their steps one adventure at a time! It doesn't matter where you live... Anyone and everyone can prioritize their health and fitness with each and every step they take... and be awarded badges and rewarded up-votes from @AdventureReady and @Actifit!

So what are you waiting for... Make your steps count! It's time to get some #Win's and #AutomaticWin's everybody!!! #HighFive! 🙌


© 2020 READY INC.

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