The Pub 🍺 Report - May 2023 + NEWS + Giveaway!

(if you haven't yet already, please do read The Pub 🍻 Gatherings - Evolution Level 1 to understand the latest changes)

🍻 Pubs Community ATX Distribution

Eligibility & Winners

  • 50 ATX tokens to the post with the highest HIVE voted value
  • 10 ATX tokens to 3 other random posts
    • Winner #1: NA (not enough posts)
    • Winner #2: NA (not enough posts)
    • Winner #3: NA (not enough posts)
  • Each account is only eligible once per month (to any of the 4 above possibilities)
  • Muted posts or ones that don't respect the Pubs Community rules will not be eligible

📰 Some 🤓 NEWS for a change!

That's right, @forykw decided to add some time to this and adjust some of the ongoing activity by delegating 1000 HP to This will allow some growth and continuously follow some curation trails. But most importantly will allow for all hive engine tokens to make a little difference. If you are delegating to the Pub, it will now be making a difference.

The delegation will follow until we reach 1000 HP powered up on the Pub, or when other accounts delegate a total of 10k HP. So, if you wish to help (any quantity), thank you!

For all delegators, we will consider governance rights in making decisions towards which curation trails to follow. So, if you are a major delegator, be sure to reach out over Discord or here, towards your curation trail we need to pay attention.

The Pub 🍺 holds NOW one WORKERBEE

We have been trying to support the Hive-Engine side-chain and this has come to a little dedication towards the governance side of things. Making an example towards a good practice of voting for witnesses, with minimal costs towards having that power (one WORKERBEE is roughly $2). Plus if you stake it, you get into mining via lottery the BEE token.

New 🤓 Enthusiasts 💪

Are you starting a new node? and you need some support/help setting one? Then come along and chat within the Pub, we can help! We have a top-20 hive-engine witness that would be more than happy to help you bring a node up online... @atexoras.witness says, let's grow community skills!

🤑 LP Performance

Info: Lately we have been adding lots of tokens to the pools we participate and we are committed to adding more if you send any that could apply to it. A long-term view in terms of participation in the pools is going to help the ecosystem in general. So, if you have any donations that you wish to be deposited into any particular pool, let us know when you send them up, and we will apply them as mentioned (don't forget that if you only send a specific token, the other side of the pool pair needs to have a source for us to add liquidity, otherwise we will convert 50% of what you send).

🍀 DLUX Shared Node Ownership

Snapshot date: 2023/06/03

OwnershipAmountNode Rewards %
@new.things5,493.155 DLUX47.10%
@forykw5,493.155 DLUX47.10%
@lolxsbudoy230.922 DLUX1.98%
@r1s2g3208.763 DLUX1.79%
@beyondhorizonmm236.754 DLUX2.03%

Total DLUX = 11,662.749 DLUX

Info: Due to last month's issues, aka the node being quite a bit offline, this changed a bit drastically this month (it was expected). But halfway through last month, we have also enabled voting with the HP delegation, which makes the DLUX power held by the Pub, more effective. Next month things might change again (potentially higher APR due to more voting on the DLUX side-chain rewards). This new strategy might make APR more stable too, as node production will be less impacted by voting rewards.

If you wish to participate, send a minimum of 100 DLUX to account and tag @forykw here or/and on ATX Discord. Visit for more information about DLUX and note that if you want to withdraw, it can take up to 4 weeks after you make the request and @forykw sees it.

🎁 #Giveaways



Do you enjoy doing pew-🔫 pew-🔫 kind of things? Then this giveaway will be awesome for you. When you get one of these, you can open it via and then (after getting also the "Force Field, level-1" #NFT) play the game at

(worth 14 HIVE on

You NEED this one and the "Force Field, level-1" to start playing the game!
More info about the pack HERE

💪 PowerUps

[NFT] ATX 🍺 Pub VIP Missile 👈
If you hold this missile under your account, your posts, comments, or attitudes might get heavily curated, promoted, reblogged, or spammed with token rewards.

The ATX 🍺Pub and Gatherings are an initiative from the HIVE-Engine ATX token (@atexoras), supported by the @atexoras.witness. You can join the ATX Discord server and visit the #pub-support for any queries in regards to the Pub.

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