Storm On US Capitol And "Calm Before The Storm" Quote Reflect Donald Trump's Name

APX Trump Calm Before Storm US Capitol storming 1189 twin.jpg

This is "the calm before the storm". Remember that quote from Trump? It took place on 10/5/2017.

New York Times wrote:

During a photo opportunity with senior military staff, President Donald Trump remarked that it represented "the calm before the storm," but declined to elaborate on what he meant by that.

“What’s the storm?” asked one reporter.

You'll find out!

I have already written about this in the context of the Coronavirus Pandemic, which was announced 888 days after this quote from Trump:

The Calm Before The Storm - Donald Trump's Pandemic Prophecy

APX Donald Trump Calm Before Storm Coronavirus 888.jpg

Wow, I posted this exactly 9 months and 11 days ago! So much about synchro-mysticism.

From flauwy Calm before Storm pandemic blog entry to Calm before Storm US Capitol blog entry are 9m 11d 911.PNG

The 888 is very important to Trump, as he not only had his 888th month birthday last year but overall embodies the 888 with more symbolism than one can count. At least I tried in this post (it does make WAY more sense today):

Happy 888 Months Donald Trump - Is He The Most Coded Person Alive?

2021 storming of the United States Capitol

This brings us to the recent storming of the US Capitol. The US main stream media is already comparing with 9/11 and Pearl Harbor (a comparison that is totally crazy, in my opinion but apparently it was meant to have a similar effect).

I don't have to explain this event to you, the entire world has seen what happened. If you were in hibernation sleep, just follow the link above to the Wiki page and get up-to-date.

US Capitol Storm.jpg

One couldn't have scripted this any better. The symbolism is perfect on so many levels. The angry mob of Trump supporters storms the symbol of US democracy. People get killed. Facebook, Twitter and co. censor Trump's accounts. It's on. And that is just the beginning. Will the United States of America will break apart? Is the second Civil War imminent?

The storm on Capitol Hill happened 1189 days after Trump's quote "the calm before the storm".

From Trumps "Calm Before The Storm" to US Capitol storming are 1189 days

It actually doesn't even matter what the numbers show, any human being with a brain can see what is going on. Or maybe you are still sucking the teats of the left-right division agenda and think Biden/Trump is your guy and here to save the day. None of them are!

Back to numerology and gematria. What a number that is! 11 and 89. 89 is the 11th Fibonacci number. So this is basically another 11:11. But it gets way better: 1189 equals "Donald J. Trump" in the single most relevant gematria cipher from all of my research. BAM. Let me repeat that: BAAAAAAAAM

1189 Donald J Trump.PNG

If you are still a coincidence theorist, get the hell out of here.

I am kidding, hugs and kisses, we do not need any more division!

So let me get this crystal clear: Donald Trump announces the "calm before the STORM" 1189 days before the storm on the US Capitol took place, because Trump supporters were angry that he lost the election (or got it stolen from the deep state). And that reflects Donald J. Trump's name in the most mysterious gematria cipher (which applies the gematria rules from Hebrew to the Latin alphabet with a few additions).

And you still think democracy and elections are IN ANY WAY LEGIT? We are living in a fake world and everything we see is a deliberate magic ritual.

Continuing: 1189 reminds us of something else. It reminds us that this whole ritual is of biblical nature, no matter whether you are religious or not. The astrotheology puppet masters WANT to make this all about religion in the end.

There are 929 chapters in the Old Testament and 260 chapters in the New Testament.

Chapters and verses of the Bible 929 260 1189.jpg

929 + 260 = 1189.

1189 are the total chapters of the bible!

The 1189th chapter is the final chapter of the bible, Revelation 22.

Digging even deeper into Revelation

And here it gets really mystical but I will leave that to someone who can present it much better than I can: Lambda115.