What's your take on downvotes? | Voting all meaningful comments with 100% weight.

Have you ever wondered why is it that, every time there is a Flag (Downvote) war, or when a well known Hive user starts receiving downvotes, a big chunk of the community goes down the rabbit hole and begins - yet again - to try to explain to the receiving end of the downvotes, why they are positive, how do they help the community overall, and how a downvote doesn't equal censorship?

It happens. It's happened tens if not hundreds of times since Hive was created 4 years ago.

Most of the times, the receiving end of the downvotes ends up leaving Hive, taking a break, or starts endlessly ranting until finally, they understand the nature of DPoS and why downvotes are necessary or ultimately, they resign to posting content on our Blockchain.

It's funny. I've never been on the receiving end of a downvote war. I've received several from big staked users but eventually they stop if you just let them be, ignore them or change your ways that, in their eyes, deserves a downvote. I've been on the giving side of downvotes most of the time, using a huge staked account and gave them only to blatant abusive posting/voting behaviour.

I've been in countless arguments and discussions about this topic and I would like to think I understand all the points of view there are about downvotes on Hive and yet, I still believe that we definitely need the existence of downvotes and I think there is probably no argument whatsoever that could change my mind, but I'm open to discussion.

What do you think of Downvotes? How could you try and fix a system that some call broken, without removing downvotes nor adding a censorship layer on the main frontends of our chain?

I'd like to read your opinion on the topic, let's do some philosophy on how we could strengthen Hive's downvoting system :)

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