There are always ways out of messes.

When I was seven, in 1992, in Oregon, I drew Bart Simpson. I also drew a bunch of Indians. Usually, I would draw instead of write. I began writing like in 1994. So, generally, before that, my drawings were my journal entries. I would draw what I saw on television, my day, what I saw, what happened, to some extent.

1992-06-25 Thursday

Bart Simpson, Clouds, Suns, Bart, Crayoned People

1992-06-25 Thursday Simpsons Suns People Colored Clouds Barts.png

Math Worksheet

Was homeschooled in Oregon in the 1990's

1992 Maybe Math Sheet.png


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1992 Maybe Person Stage Building Alone.png

Married - 1993-04

This is a drawing of me & maybe Tiffany Cumbo

1993-04 Joey Married & Comic Strip-1.png

Comic Strip

1993-04 Joey Married & Comic Strip-2.png
1993-12-09 Thursday Arnold Family Portrait or something apx date guessed.png

Baseball Man At Bat

1993-12-09 Thursday - this might be a drawing of me

1993-12-09 Thursday Baseball Man at Bat Maybe Joey apx date guessed.png

Cars, umbrellas

1993-12-09 Thursday Cars Umbrella apx date guessed.png

Dog & a tent

1993-12-09 Thursday Dog & Tent apx date guessed.png

Ginger bread man

1993-12-09 Thursday Ginger Bread Man apx date guessed.png

Person in the window of a house

1993-12-09 Thursday House Person in Window apx date guessed.png

Joey or a person drawing a person on paper

1993-12-09 Thursday Joey or Person Drawing a Person apx date guessed.png

1993-12-09 Thursday

A self-portrait drawing of myself

1993-12-09 Thursday Joey Self Protrait.png

Turtle Neck Joey & a guy in Roman Empire Clothing

1993-12-09 Thursday Joey Turtle Neck & a Guy Roman Empire Clothes apx date guessed-1.png
1993-12-09 Thursday Joey Turtle Neck & a Guy Roman Empire Clothes apx date guessed-2.png

Miss Santa With Cookies, Toys, Things

1993-12-09 Thursday Miss Santa Maybe Cookies Toys apx date guessed.png

3D Moduling of Squares, Shapes, Crosses

1993 maybe 3D Moduling Squares Shapes Cross 2 of 1 and 1910.png

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT)

See them fighting a guy

1993 maybe 4 turtles fight a guy.png


A phone number in crayon

1993 maybe 1800 492 4646 Red Crayon Color Phone Number.png

Comic Strip

A cartoon story on a basketball game

1993 maybe Basketball Comic Strip.png

Slam dunking, objects, stairs

1993 maybe Basketball Dunking No Hoop Man Stairs or Objects.png

Basketball shooting

1993 maybe Basketball Playing Shooting to Hoop.png

Woman Dunks Over a Man

1993 maybe Basketball Woman Dunks Over Man.png

Batman Fights Monsters

1993 maybe Batman Fight Monsters.png

Batman, Robin, Others, Party, Fighting, Other People

1993 maybe Batman Robin People Party Fighting Many People.png

Book Title: Busy Saturday Word Book by Bruce Iser

1993 maybe Book Title Copy Paste of Busy Saturday Word Book by Bruce Iser.png

Interstate I-5 PDX Highway Bridge

At Portland, Oregon, USA, like the Golden State Bridge
Busy traffic, many cars, trucks, buses, vehicles

1993 maybe Bridge With Heavy Traffic I-5 over Bridge in PDX maybe Crayons like Golden State Bridge.png

Building or spaceship on stilts

1993 maybe Building or Spaceship on Stilts Legs Stairs Bus Man.png

Bus over train tracks, near mountains

1993 maybe Bus Over Train Tracks Man Mountains.png

Bus or van, light outline

1993 maybe Bus Van or something Light Outline.png

City with cars, airplanes

1993 maybe city cars planes colored.png

Clock microwave spaceship wheel

1993 maybe Clock Microwave Spaceship Wheel 2 Things.png

Construction site

1993 maybe Construction Site.png

Crosses, stairs, mother, baby, 3D moduling, pyramid buildings

1993 maybe Crosses Stairs Mother & Baby Down Path 3D Moduling Buildings Like Pyramids-1.png

Crosses, stairs, etc

1993 maybe Crosses Stairs Mother & Baby Down Path 3D Moduling Buildings Like Pyramids-2.png


1993 maybe Fight.png

House, Cars, Roads, Sidewalks

1993 maybe House Cars Roads Sidewalks.png

Island Palm Tree Man Hands Up, creature, object, water

1993 maybe Island Palm Tree Man Hands Up & Creature or Object.png

Blue Face Joey

1993 maybe Joey Blue Face.png

Mask Faced Joey

1993 maybe Joey Fight With Face Mask.png

Home Alone Man

1993 maybe Man Alone.png

Kicking Man

1993 maybe Man Kick Colored.png

Side Viewed Man Face

1993 maybe Man Side View of Head.png

Stick Figure Man

1993 maybe Man Stick Figure Scribbles.png

World Map of America, Europe

1993 maybe Map World USA EU America Outline Ha Land at North Pole.png

Cop & People in Building

1993 maybe People in Building Maybe Cop Crayoned.png

People, wolves, & a mountain

1993 maybe People Wolves Mountain.png

Buildings, a city, maybe Texas

1993 maybe Plane Buildings a City Maybe Texas.png

Entering Sim City, Flag Raising, Planes, Cars

1993 maybe Planes Entering a City Flag People Maybe Sim City.png

Robot Diagram

I love drawing diagrams, illustrations

1993 maybe Robot Diagram.png

Scribble Man

1993 Maybe Scribles Man Glasses ah ah ah.png

Spaceship & Stuff

1993 maybe Spaceship and stuff maybe.png

Stairs, rooms, houses, in Maze Manson

1993 maybe Stairs Houses Rooms Like a Maze Manson.png

Sun Rain Cycle

1993 maybe Sun Rain Cycles.png

Train Track & a Car

1993 maybe Train Track with Car.png

Tree Climbing Adventure

This might be the never-ending tree
A big Land Of The Universe Tree
Billions of light years tall

1993 maybe Tree Climbing.png

Red Turtle Face

A close up to a pizza eating ninja

1993 maybe Turtle Face Red Close Up on Face.png


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Turtle Versus Knife Guy

This is going to be awesome

1993 maybe Turtle & Guy with Knife.png

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Turtles & Joey

Fighting People - Power Rangers Who?
It's action time

1993 maybe Turtles & Joey Fighting People Action.png


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Comic Strip

TV, House, Car, technology

1993 maybe TV House Car Comic Strip.png


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A Guy

A box in the sky

Guy Box in Sky.png


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Soldier Man

With a sword

Soldier Sword.png

TIMELINE of Drawings

1992-06-25 - Thursday - Drew Bart Simpson, Suns, etc
1993-04-XX - Married - Joey, Tiffany Cumbo
1993-12-09 - Thursday - Christmas, Baseball, Family, etc
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