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Did you know that music & art is open source? So, is that why & how it survives & excels globally throughout the span of anthropological history? Therefore, why not do the same with technology? Here are some of my drawings from like 1991 in Oregon when I was like six years old. We have been building on top of each other. Sadly, copyright, trademarks, certain laws, some of the regulations, red tape, restrictions, codes, acts, loopholes, & other things, get in the way of creativity, free markets, etc.

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Lionel Media Nation lied about Rome.

It was build on Judeo-Christianity. You can see that @Stefan.Molyneux talked about it. Other historians talk about what the Roman Empire was build on. When God is taken out of school, subjectivity, fatalism, anything goes, takes over.

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Good show, today.

Bitcoin is a symbol for alternative money, coin, etc. Bitcoin, Bit Torrent, Steemit, Minds, Gab, Infowars, Qanon, competes against China, Technocracy, Plutocracy, Big Pharma, Corporatism, Monopolism, Clinton, Central Banks, Geoengineering, Obama, Deep State, Globalism, Islam, Federal Reserve, UN, EU, NWO, Facebook, fiat, Google, Twitter, Amazon, PayPal, Microsoft, Apple, Tech Giants, etc.

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Qanon is a mixed bag.

At least, Qanon gets us to think, ask questions, investigate. Better than nothing. I like Info Wars, Alex Jones, Drudge Report, @Stefan.Molyneux, @Cernovich, etc.

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They can't really destroy Bitcoin without an EMT attack on the whole world at the same time. Maybe we can hide Bitcoin Computers, other things, in space, on the North Pole, buried in caves, holes, at the bottom of the ocean, etc, as backups. Diversify investments, networking, & everything. We are the news. We are red pilling people. We are making differences in the world, in America, in Brazil, etc. Keep doing what you can, y'all.

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