My artwork Digimon's Atlurkabuterimon and Okuwamon

Hello I am RYO!

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Recently I some posting a my artwork from the Digimon series!
Digimon has a new series on TV right now, and I'm watching it in real time!
So I'm drawing a character that follows the latest Digimon storyline!

This story was my favorite insect type Digimon fight!πŸ˜†
So I drew their fight!

CamScanner 07-04-2020 22.09.03_39(2).jpg

On the left is the enemy side of the Okuwamon , and on the right is the hero's side of the Atlurkabuterimon!

I love insects so I've always loved them!
So I think this one is the best quality Digimon drawing I've ever done!😁

Many Japanese children love insects, and they're modeled after the most popular of them all beetles!

So I think this story is very popular with Japanese people!

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I've keepd a lot of insects in real life, so anything insect-related drives me crazy!πŸ˜†

CamScanner 07-04-2020 22.09.03_37.jpg

Digimon have so many evolutionary forms that I really enjoy drawing them!
I'm looking forward to more animated and dynamic moments from them!πŸ˜‰

About my new artwork

I started my manga -Jingi- just two years ago in September!
And after finishing the big storyline in June of this year I took some time off.

But as I mentioned in Chad's postπŸ‘‰(@ryo-6414/under-to-god-chadwick-boseman), I've already started working on a new storyline!

If I start a manga, it may will be serialized over the span of a few years!
I hope I can contribute more to the Hive with my artwork!πŸ˜€β†“


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Thank you for reading!
Arigatou gozaimashita!