Art Talk: Respect and Compassion

When thinking about what art I could share for this week's Art Talk. I thought of this portrait by Edgar Degas of Madame Rene De Gas.

Madame Rene de Gas, 1873, Edgar Degas
National Gallery of Art, DC

Edgar Degas is a master French painter. He painted this picture of his sister-in-law Estelle Musson Balfour de Gas when he was visiting family in New Orleans in 1872-1873. 1 Estelle is blind and I love the way he painted her with respect and compassion.

Both Estelle and my mom need the help of others. That is not always easy for the caregiver or the one receiving the care.

My mom is on hospice care for kidney failure and while I was home for the holidays she transitioned to a hospital bed. That was a hard transition for her. It is hard living and working in Arizona and her living in Oregon. I really do treasure those times that I get to be with her and share my love with her and take care of her.

I truly believe that art is a shared experience and that through art we can feel recognize and feel some of the emotions that are hard to identify and embrace.

I think I was reminded and wanted to highlight Degas' portrait right now because I am feeling a lot of respect and compassion for my mother.

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