Art Talk: King and Queen

Let's start a discussion on a work of art.

This month I am highlighting Henry Moore so we will start the discussion with his King and Queen sculpture.

When I posted Art Talk: Emotion in Bronze my sister called and had some really great things to say about the piece and questions to ask. I would like to hear from you too.

I would like to start an international Steem dialogue on art.

For my sister, Kristen, she noticed that the queen is in front of the king and is sitting more upright. The king looks a bit relaxed. We talked a little about the fact that the coronation of Queen Elizabeth was also in 1953 and what that might mean for Henry Moore.

What do you see? What stands out to you?

Please comment below.

From the original post Art Talk: Emotion in Bronze

Henry Moore, 1898-1986

King and Queen, 1953

Henry Moore is one of my favorite artists.

What do you see when you look at this king and queen?

Would you even know that they are a king and queen if you hadn't read the plaque?

What are the emotions you experience when you look at it?

For me I feel calm. They are seated, with no shoes, in a very relaxed state. The queen is sitting upright with her hands in her lap. A great pose for meditation (which I have been practicing the past few years). They seemed to be waiting for someone to come to them. It looks like Henry Moore made benevolent sovereigns.

Interesting fact: In 1953, the year Henry Moore made this sculpture, was the same year of the coronation of Queen Elizabeth at the age of 25. Now, in 2018, Queen Elizabeth is 92 years old and is the longest-lived and longest-reigning British monarch.

Thanks and I am looking to hear your thoughts and ideas.

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