Art Talk: Introduction

My tag line in my Steem profile says "Photographer, gardener, lover of art and nature." I have posted a lot of nature/ landscape pictures. I also want to highlight another one of my favorite subjects: Art and art history.

I am calling this blog post series: Art Talk

It will be weekly post discussing art.

Why discuss art?

There are so many reasons. I feel that Sally put it most succinctly in her post Five Reasons Why We Need Art.

  • Art is a natural human behavior
  • Art is communication
  • Art is healing
  • Art tells our story
  • Art is a shared experience

Throughout this series we will all examine all types of mediums, artists, time periods and our thoughts, ideas and experiences with art.

Below are a few pictures to get you excited about our exploration of art.
The photos for this series are all taken by me.

Art and Art History have been a serious interest of mine for the past 20 years.

In 1998, while studying at Brigham Young University, I took a Humanities class and had a great teacher that made the art come alive. Following her class I joined her on a humanities tour through Europe. We saw some the works we had learned about in class, I visited the National Gallery of Art in London and realized how amazing museums are, and we saw new works of art. Since this class and trip I have been interested in art and art history.

While living in DC I frequented the many wonderful museums. My favorite museum in DC is the National Gallery of Art. I even researched and put together my own special tours of the National Gallery of Art.

Since working at Arizona State University I took a fascinating Asian Art History class. Actually, the art and concepts were all so new and interesting... I took the class twice.

I am very excited about this blog series. It is a great way for me to engage in art and art history NOW and share my knowledge and enthusiasm with you.

I hope to spark or excite a curiosity, in you, for art as well. With Steem being a worldwide platform I look forward to hearing about your experiences with art where you live and have traveled.

The first post will be exploring Emotion in Bronze through the sculptures of Auguste Rodin, Henry Moore and Francisco Zuniga at the Hirshhorn Sculpture Garden in DC.

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