Art Talk: Art Tells our Story

In my introduction post I mentioned 5 reasons we have art and one of those is that:

Art Tells Our Story

Recently, I was commuting downtown for a work conference and noticed this beautiful mural.

Isn't it stunning?

These are the murals that are in the same area as the beautiful woman.

Living in Phoenix and having recently celebrated Dia de Muertos or Day of the Dead, which is a holiday in which people remember family and friends that have died, this is a significant mural to see on the streets of Phoenix.

On one of the days of the conference I took the side streets instead of the freeway to find more murals.
I found this beautiful monochrome mural.

It also has a Dia de Muerto theme and one of the skeletons is a Mariachi player.

With just these few murals we can tell a bit about the people of Phoenix and there story. It is so wonderful and beautiful that art can tell the story of a people and place.

I have lived in Phoneix for 11 years and never really notices all the murals. I plan on going and taking more pictures so watch for more posts on murals.

Do you have murals in your city?
Please share in the comments.
I would love to see how the street are is telling the story of your town or city.

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