Art Talk: Art Connects Us

Among the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Albert Bierstadt, 1868

Albert Bierstadt is mom's favorite and this picture was actually taken today with my cell phone at her house.

Lake Lucerne, Albert Bierstadt, 1858

This was taken at the National Gallery of Art in DC. It was taken in 2005 when my mom came to DC to take care of me. We went to the National Gallery of Art before my surgery and she was so happy and excited to see an original Bierstadt.

If you are following the Art Talk Series you will know that my mom is at the end of her hospice care and is going to die soon.

I am home taking care of her during her last days. Yesterday she asked which picture I wanted and I told her I want the Bierstadt. I love the Sierra Nevada's... it is where I spent my childhood, even more it will remind me of my mom every time I see it.

I love how art connects us to each other and it will be a beautiful reminder of my mom.

What art connects you?

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