Jack-o-Lantern Forest Cemetery - Viking Visual Art

Today has been a bit of a low-energy day - I was supposed to do jury duty today, but didn't get selected in the end... (20 were called, 19 came, only 6 were selected for the jury.) Still, the energy has been low, so I thought maybe share another of my Halloween images that I created the other day when I was playing around on GIMP. Again, neither of the images were mine, but I put them together in a new, fun, way.


The forest picture was found on Pixabay. I split the picture into two layers, so that I could play with it. This one was relatively easy, selecting the black layer and creating a new layer with just that - that's what you see in front of the jack-o-lanterns.

The jack-o-lanterns were from Good Free Photos. I had to delete their background before I could do anything with them.

I played with the jack-o-lanterns on either side of the cemetery, but preferred them behind the obvious headstone, so that's where I left them. A fairly simple image, but quite effective, I think.

If you like this image, it's now available at RedBubble on a number of products. From the artist's perspective, RedBubble is my favorite of this kind of shop - their artists tools are easy to use and quick and they pay quickly.

All work done by myself on: Photoscape, Gimp, Krita, and/or Daz 3D Studio
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