Freya's Fire Cover Image, part 3 - Viking Visual Art Tutorial

Last time, I began work on Gemina's character - including showing you the steps I took to change her hair... but then I ran into a problem...

Unlike many of my characters who can work with many kinds of clothing, Gemina's character is very different. She lives in a time where many of our modern clothing options simply don't exist. I pretty much knew what kind of clothing she wears and I wasn't seeing it.

I was looking for a high wasteline and a bodice that would support her bosom nicely. (Bras are a relatively modern invention.)

When I finally found a piece that I liked, it didn't go on the model I had chosen... Because I'm not that skilled (some can do what's needed here, I can't), I had to find a character that the clothing did fit... and that changed the hair as well... So, here's where we started instead.


This is the Genesis 2 female with the Victoria 6 morph (by Daz 3D).
I'm going to have to look up the hair again as I haven't made a note of it...
The dress is the Sarsa Sundress, also by Daz 3D.

However, Gemina is a princess, so she needs a gown that's a little fancier.

Just like with the hair I worked on last time, I select the item in the Scene directory (top right panel). In the lower right panel, I click on the Surfaces tab.

In the "diffuse color" section, I hover over the little box that shows the shape of the dress and write down the location of the file so that I can go and edit it in Gimp.


Here is the original texture file. As long as I:

  • Only change the color/pattern of the piece of clothing and
  • Save it as a new image...
    I won't damage anything.


First, I open the file in Gimp, then I create a second layer so that the black background is distinct from the foreground.

With the background visibility turned off, I select a sparkly texture to fill the dress in... but I do like the hint of floral from the original dress, so I do a bucket fill at 50% opacity.

I saved this one as is - I may want to use the dress again sometime. But it's not the dress I want for Gemina this time. I want blue.


So, I go over the dress again, now sparkly red, with a 50% bucket fill of dark blue.


Let's see how it looks on Gemina.


I like it.

Finally, I added some simple jewelry to her. I don't have that much that looks very good, so she's probably a bit under-jeweled, to be honest. Plus, when I posed her, some of the bracelets didn't adjust well and got left behind. All the jewelry this time was by Moonscape Graphics.


Be sure to tune in next time...
I am going to be playing with something I've never played with before in Daz... A horse!!!

All work done by myself on: Photoscape, Gimp, Krita, and/or Daz 3D Studio
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