Which comes First?

When packing to visit my Mom, I made sure to bring my paints and sketchbook. I would have time and energy to work on my art and write a few stories.

Original Sketch

An issue I have while making art to go along with stories is once the art is complete, the story leaves my head. Yet, there is no written story to go along with the artwork I have just made.

When I sit down to write out the story living inside my head, my brain tells me the story is complete, and no words come to mind for writing the tale. I knew this was a problem back home. I didn't realize what a huge problem it has become until it happened while visiting my Mom. Many stories are sitting around me at home in a box, waiting for their time to shine.

I started the painting with watercolors

While visiting, I have slept a ton. I have not written much or done many videos. My body and brain have pretty much shut down while I have been here. I needed a more extensive rest than even I knew. Sleeping ten to twelve hours a day for days in a row should make a person feel awake at some point. Yet I don't.

Colored Pencils added the details

I have been living in a state of kind of awake the whole time I have been visiting Mom. I made a few sketches of events that have happened to me while I have been here. The artwork you see is one of the sketches I decided to paint.

Little by Little the artwork came into focus

The artwork came about when I first arrived at Moms. I tried to sleep at Midnight and had zero luck. Getting out of bed, I wandered around the house for three hours, trying to find a place to sleep or something to do while brain dead.

Three in the morning came. I decided to just lay down in bed again and hope for the best. It was a beautiful night with breezes blowing in the open windows.

3:00 AM

I will let you interpret the rest of the story.

Help someone smile today. It can not hurt you.


All photos are mine unless otherwise stated.

Gif made by @Snook