Digital Art: My new Hobby

It has been a while since I have posted on Hive, I have had school and studies to deal with so I did not get much of time to post on Hive. But now by managing my time I found out some time for digital art, My new Hobby. Also got some more time to post on Hive. So here I am, back to posting on Hive! I've been watching anime recently and I love it! I was really fascinated by the amazing art the animators would do and also wanted to give it a shot myself, So until recently I decided to buy a Tablet, Graphic Tablet to be Specific and give a shot at digital art! I bought a Walcom CTL- 4100WL, It was the best I could find, Not only it was a really good tablet and a really good price, But it also included amazing software to draw on, after seeing that instantly I was convinced that this is the one I want to buy.


It came with a User manual, A USB cable for connecting the tablet to the PC, Although we can also use bluetooth. A pen, with 3 extra nibs included.


After this I set up the software and installed the drivers for the tablet, And I was ready to get started! It took me about 2 hours of figuring out how to setup up the drivers and the software as I was new to this, But after 2 hours of setting it up I was finally done and all ready to draw, Here is my first drawing.

umaru chan art final.png

I will continue to post almost 3-4 times a week, as I do have time on my hands now. Thank you for reading and hope my art made you smile a bit :)

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