Primitive House for the Warrior

Since our timeline is prehistoric and primitive times , our warriors make their homes with available materials such as rocks and woods. And maybe add some more protection with animal skins. Since metal is not available for them, they are using obsidian rocks for cutting jobs. Maybe i'll make obsidian weapon designs for the warriors in future posts but lets focus on the shelter now.

I am subscriber to this great youtube channel "How to make everything" In his channel Andy make everything from scratch. If he needs and axe, he will go to the mine and collect rocks and make his own metal ( often times not effective as modern ones ) and make obsidian and other types of axes and knifes. If you are interested in such content check him out.

So from his youtube channel and videos I know that cutting a tree down is possible with rock tools but not an easy task. Our shelter made of relatively long trees cut down and cleaned , placed on top of rocks to make a shelter. We have three main materials here. Wood , Rock and Leather . All of them are available to our primitive warrior.

By the time of their age , they are probably figure out that the logs can roll, so they can carry the heavy rocks to build such building. This is the basic sketch of the house/shelter. Lets clean this sketch and start painting.

I work on grey background because it's a more neutral color and its easy for my eyes. I made the lines dark blue because it's the color that I see best ( i am red green color blind ) it helps me see the details more easily. Anyway back to the drawing. First I create a color palatte for myself with grey and its different shades. Since my background is also grey I gave the palatte a "Drop Shadow" to see them. Standard brush with %10 opacity I work around the rocks and add some shadows.

I did the exactly same things for the woods. Created a color pallete and add some shadows. I tend to over paint the lines becuase I can always trim them at the end.

More shading for the rocks, it's the shadows and lights that bring the life to the painting. I add some overlay gradient to the rocks simply by creating a "clipping mask" on top of the layer. This gives a natural and soft light to the rocks.

After some more painting , shadowing and adding details here is the final result. Now our warrior have a place to call home ^^ If you want to see the warrior's post you can click Here

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