[ Game Art Series ] From Concept Art to 3D Model - House


In my earlier posts I use this approach to draw some 2D game art. It was a primitive temple drawing. For this one I would like to move forward in time and make something in medieval period. We still don't have much technology, they are still in dark ages. With skills on toolmaking, especially iron tools, people can shape wood more easily. Therefore we can hope that this house design is highly possible. Anyway let's have a look at the sketches.

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The first thing is there has to be some sort of levels. The houses should be upgradable. I chose 3 different level to draw. Because i know i am going to make a 3D model of the house, I didn't spent much time in the sketches. I only need the general shapes.

The first house is the simple one. Very tiny very small. Good for one person. There is not much to it. This is the first house players could get in the game. Probably they need some amount of wood in order to build this house.

The second house has a stone foundation. Needs more work since you need to shape the rocks and stones. Of course there is a porch on the front door. The house is pretty much the same but its level 2 . Because of the floor, players probably need stone and wood to build this house.

When you upgrade the lvl 2 house, you'll get more house^^ It has higher roof so its spacious. More windows and more room. The stone foundation extends for the big house as well. I might add some extra levels to the house design later.

I am planning paint the houses in Photoshop on top of the 3D models. That way I can focus on the painting itself and not worry about the perspectives and shapes. 3D Models gives a solid structure to paint on top. Plus I have the shadows on all the houses correctly. If you want to see an example of this process I recommend you to watch This Youtube Video by Artist Anna Lepeshkina. Her video was the original inspiration for me to start 2D digital art with using 3D models.

3D Models are made with Google Sketchup Pro

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