Character Sketch [ Archer ]


First of all I don't own a bow. The thing I am holding was a wooden stick. I always wanted to be an archer but not in the modern times. In medieval times or in a fantasy world like Middle Earth. I searched around the house to find something to hold in my hand while taking the reference photo of myself. I wore a hoodie and put my laptop bag around my chest. Imagine like this; I am holding a stick in my hand and pretending to shoot and arrow while taking a photo of myself with my phone that I set 5 second delay.

I used to search online for reference images. Most of them are not for commercial use and since there is an upvote system here and I earn tiny amounts here, it might considered as commercial. I find its more fun and exciting to draw myself as the character and see myself becoming an archer feels good. And its free to use yourself as a reference. I draw these sketches to improve my perspective and anatomy skills. This was a fun and simple sketch ^^ I'll do more in the future for sure.





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If you like my signature drawing below and want me to draw your photo like this contact me in Discord : Ruen#1962

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