"Badass" warrior concept art from self portrait

I wanted to get into character concept art and I've watched a lot of YouTube videos. Drawings faces is difficult for me. But if you want to good at something you need to start doing it, right? So I started drawing a "badass" warrior by using myself as a model.

I don't know what I am doing its just experimental. I added some scars on the face and some earrings. I added some beard as well, my beard isn't that long. I'll make more of this type of drawings in the future. It's really fun to see yourself as somebody else. I really enjoyed drawing this one. This isnt a finished drawing, I might add some other types of armors

Model : I took a photo of myself with my phone
XP-pen deco3 Graphic Tablet (8192 Levels Pressure)
Adobe Photoshop CC ( 2000x2000 canvas )

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