"Looking for the Bright Spots" by Richard F. Yates (Holy Fool)

Shit has been-----what's the best word----horrible lately. I'm not going to go into the badness. Instead, I'm going to list five GOOD things, POSITIVE things from recent times that have kept me UP.

(1) Chocolate milkshakes. Taste great---helps fight the effects of dementors.

(2) My family. (Probably should have been #1, but I just had a really good shake, so it was at the forefront of my mind.) My wife, Mariah, my daughters, my granddaughter, my brothers, aunts and uncles, Grandma Lucy.... Our family is pretty close. Our IMMEDIATE family can fit in a phone booth, we're so close...

(3) Drawing. I love drawing. It's fun. It can help relieve stress. Sometimes the drawings make me laugh. Here are the two most recent drawings that I've been involved with...

[This piece, if it isn't obvious, is another collaboration with my granddaughter, Felicity. I'm very happy with this piece---and look at how wild the Little Kid's contributions are becoming!!!]

[This is an all digital piece I drew today to help combat the anxieties that were swarming around me...]

(4) Comics. Between presents and giftcards, I got something like twelve or thirteen comics collections for Xmas. I've read a couple of them already, plus some other books that I've had stacked in piles around the house. I'm really enjoying reading comics again. Just fun.

(5) Music. Again, thanks to Xmas, I acquired a great many new tunes, and I'm loving music again. Probably about time for another pirate radio show! I would list a bunch of new tunes that I'm listening too, but I'm keeping that stuff secret until the new episode is in the can!!!

So there! Five great things that are helping keep me up during these nasty times! Thanks for stopping by!

---Richard F. Yates (Holy Fool)

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