Day 7 - 10 Weeks Drawing Challenge - Game of Thrones Comic version

Hey Guys,

today its one week ago I started my 10 week challenge about doing a little something everyday. Quality doesnt matter, nor dos quantity. Its just about getting into the grove again first.

It's so nice to see and feel that it becomes easier everyday. I am also streaming a lot because it helps me taking the things serious and actually have a little discipline.

Also, what I find interesting is, that ideas are coming back. I can remember sometimes I spent hours browsing the internet to find "motivation" or "inspiration" to draw. I have the feeling if you rely on that emotions it can be very tricky. So one of my important lessons here is to not think about it too much. Do NOT overthink. It can lead to paralization. At least for me... But I am learning to get over it. Just by not caring too much ;).

Today I tried to do a little test by trying to interpret a stillframe from a Game of Thrones Scene into my art style.

This is still a wip and Daenerys still looks a little bit derpy... but still like to finish it. Decided to post step by steps here or even cut a timelapse of my twitch stream :). More progress to come!

Thanks a lot also to @katharsisdrill who joined me today with doing a beautiful illustration of a musician.
Check it out!

Thanks so far for the very warm welcome on this community, looking forward to see everybody grow! :)

What did you draw today?

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