My new ceramic plate "Red Passion". Step by step photos šŸ˜‰


Hi everyone!

Fruit plates have become my weakness šŸ˜šŸ˜šŸ˜. I used to do vases but now I like to cut, sand and clean something.

Recently, one of my friends ordered a fruit plate for her house. She loves red colour a lot and wanted something modern and simple.


It used to take me a few days to make a vase, but now I have honed these skills for automaticity and I need just few hours to cut openings and grind the mold.


I really like this process, it relaxes and makes you forget about all the worries. It's like a kind of therapy.

No wonder, things that are made by someone's hands have a special energy.


For me every thing is like a particle of the soul. It absorbs all the emotions and energy that I have at the time of work.

It used to be very difficult for me to say goodbye to my vases and I just kept them on the cabinet shelves. Everyone asked me why I was doing this. Soon my residence would become a museum.


Then I started giving vases to my family and friends. I really liked the reaction of people to my work and later I started selling them.

I like the fact that this thing will bring joy to other people and bring aesthetic pleasure. That's the essence of art, isn't it?

Have a wonderful evening!

Best wishes,



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