Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina - Novi Sad, Serbia

On October 6th Mirai and I visited Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina as his job is in the Art field and this museum was on his list to visit while he was in Novi Sad. It was also my first time visiting, as I really don't go to museums that often (or at all, to be honest) but now that I actually moved to Novi Sad, I might put that on my to-do, city life edition list.

Museum building and entrance

Serbian National Defense League confirmation and 100 Yugoslavia's dinar from 1940's I think - around the edge all countries that used to be part of Yugoslavia are written down on paper money.

Details with guns and helmets

Flags and photos from the war that can be hard to look at sometimes but at the same time, it shows a physical documentation of real people and what they have been through that will hopefully remain for many generations to see when they visit museums.

Moving on to another part of the museum, which would actually be considered Contemporary art I guess, we have a few self-portraits from a series called Cleaning by a sculptor Maja Rakocevic Cvijanov. They represent a women's daily routine of cleaning, everyday chores, taking care of home and their bodies (inside and outside) with a goal to maintain their health and beauty.

Self-portrait with overflowing clothes represents everyday tasks of washing and cleaning laundry that can be overwhelming sometimes. Cotton one represents women removing make up and cleaning their face for a fresh look and maintaining their beauty and tea represents cleaning on the inside, detox of the body.

I hope you enjoyed this mini tour around the Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina. I wish I took more photos of the actual Contemporary art pieces so I guess I'll have to go back at some point. :) Thank you for stopping by!


Photos are mine, taken with Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

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