Undiscovered Gems on NFT Showroom / Edition #3

The age of art does not determine it's value, here are some hidden gems that were minted long ago that deserve another look <3

A deeper soul

Creator: @mr-monk

Total Edition(s): 7

When do we become machines? When do we start paying for our own prisons? WE’RE STILL ON TIME Let's give crypto a chance. Let's be free. Let's be Human.

Mermaid Angel Dove Leaves Spiral Heart

Creator: @in2itiveart

Total Edition(s): 1

Sigil painting digitally altered from an original oil and encaustic painting. Sigil is the heart: I experience Divine Love at every moment and I love and respect myself as a child of God in all my thoughts and activities.

Opposite ends - Extrems Contraposats

Creator: @siono

Total Edition(s): 2

-Extrems Contraposats- What's on your mind? Know your madness, love your madness. Eat it piece by piece, trace it, touch it, listen to it well, look into her eyes and recognize yourself in her. Love and know your madness above all things. When you get it you can enjoy the madness of others. The piece is dedicated to my father, who thanks to him I enjoy my madness day after day. 750 x 950 cm 88.583 x 100.394 px



Creator: @qrallart

Total Edition(s): 1

Where my eyes have gone, my heart will not follow

The grandmaster´s checkerboard - 4D time escape

Creator: @elgeko

Total Edition(s): 5

3D fractal render & photoshop retouching. I love to work with the checkerboard pattern in the 3D fractals. It gives the spectator a hint of the 3 dimensional structures and how they wrap around the fractal 3d body. This is one of my best results. 6000x6000 Pixels, 36Megapixels Ultra High resolution

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