Sometimes You Have to Make Sacrifices to Reach Your Goal


This is a major work in progress. It is my interpretation of one of Gustav Dore's scenes of Dante with Virgil in Hell.

I modelled the figures instead of going with Dore's rendering, which meant great changes to the painting. You should be able to see how I've obliterated work that I was previously happy with.


With these changes I will be able to arrive at result that I will find more fulfilling.

The following images are what it previously looked like. I had quickly discovered that Dore had fudged quite a few things in his lithograph, but regardless the image worked. However I wanted more accuracy with perspective and sizes, hence I turned to Blender to model the scene.



The 3D model above will serve only as a guide. I will not adhere slavishly to it. This is about the limit of my 3D skills so far, which has the upside of forcing me to bringing more of my own painterly interpretation into the image.

Watch this space...

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